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Wyng (formerly Offerpop)

They have a variety of offerings so the best approach is to have a clear idea of what type of results you're looking to achieve. They can offer advice on which modules will help you achieve those goals.
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Wyng (formerly Offerpop)

  • Creating campaigns is fast and the software is user friendly
  • Monitoring entries and weeding out cheater saves time and helps protect people who entered contest fairly.
  • Customer service is excellent. I've called a few times and each time the rep was helpful and friendly.
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Wyng (formerly Offerpop)

  • We found that engagement on contests went down when using Offerpop vs. running contests natively on Facebook. Our users didn't like the extra step of going to an Offerpop page to enter the contest.
  • I think UGC is more useful when it can be placed on product detail pages. The page of UGC was linked to from the footer of our website, yet we saw hardly any traffic to this page.
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Likelihood to Renew

Wyng (formerly Offerpop)

Wyng (formerly Offerpop) 7.3
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I highly recommend Offerpop, but my organization's KPI's shifted to other goals meaning there was no longer a compelling need to use the platform. I do feel the money spent was well worth it to get my Facebook page where it needed to be. I would choose them again if the need arose.
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Alternatives Considered

Wyng (formerly Offerpop)

I selected Offerpop because of the cost. I was never going to get the cost of Olapic or Bazaarvoice Curations approved for UGC. However, I really feel that UGC needs to be on the product detail page in order to see a lift in conversions on a particular product.
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Return on Investment

Wyng (formerly Offerpop)

  • Offerpop was nice to have, just not absolutely necessary. It may be worth it to spend more with Olapic to get the UGC on the product detail page.
  • I definitely did not see an increase in revenue by using Offerpop.
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Wyng (formerly Offerpop)


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