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Google App Engine Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

take care of deployments. Go for cheaper options such as compute engine or AWS (be sure to do your research on pricing and features comparison). … can improve on their documentation. Navigation can be made more simple. Pricing can be reduced. 8 … It helped us in creating scala…

Related Quote from Ankur Arora

Documentation could be improved as it currently only has few tutorials. Expensive. A basic training would be required to understand. … less time is needed by other resources. It has helped to reduce the overall cost. … available in the market…

Related Quote from Verified User

process speed/scaling which allows you to easily balance performance with cost and meet a good balance. … overall provides a level of validation with potential clients that also brings value to the business. … provided…

Related Quote from Lokesh Meena

According to me, worst thing with GAE is it's very expensive when we compare with regular implementations. It has fewer tutorials or

Related Quote from Verified User

Google App Engine is expensive in the long run and cost adds up pretty quickly. Since it is fully managed and serverless … that needs a lot of compute, memory and network resources since it is expensive, being fully management and serverless.

Related Quote from Verified User

requiring additional IT support, then App Engine will fit the need. The pricing is low and can be scaled to meet the needs. … the set up/installation in a long period of time. We were able to release a cost savings of over 50K in a six month period based on not having to…

Related Quote from Verified User

is terrible at times and you have to pay extra to talk to a real person. Cheaper instances. … It's very difficult and expensive to get support from a real person. Often engineers don't want to acknowledge

Related Quote from Tristan Dobbs

Extremely low cost option for web page deployment. It so simple to prototype or even offer a … better off moving to the Flexible environment (which may be a little more expensive but certainly a little…

Related Quote from Zachary Yaro

Multiple backend frameworks to choose from Reasonable pricing and generous free quotas Scalability

Related Quote from Darshan YS

applications are very interactive and the prices are accessible for most users. The prices tend to get slightly expensive as we head on towards higher data-consuming … Price. No multi-threading.…

Related Quote from Stephen Groat

integration with the rest of G Suite saves times for existing G Suite users Expensive when compared to alternatives at times

Related Quote from Verified User

builds anywhere with a computer and internet connection. It's relatively cheap and easy to use. It supports everything I needed so far. … good because you pay as you use it where as AWS, you get charged a minimum fee plus usage. I'm sure both support teams are very good.

Related Quote from Joshua Dickson

It is not the most cost-efficient hosting provider and could continue to improve from a cost basis Google's UI can be confusing for … nothing so sophisticated that manual server management would be necessary) who value the simplicity over deeper customizability. … deployments, we'll continue…

Related Quote from Dmitry Sadovnychyi

needs to update some outdated libraries like lxml for Python. Instance pricing of Standard Environment could be lowered, since it wasn't updated for many

Related Quote from Jonah Dempcy

But, you get what you pay for. Rock solid service, great tools, at a hefty price. Difficult to tell how to optimize costs. We racked up the expenses and it … things that we were surprised were possible. Negative impact: It's very expensive, and combined with the extra time…

Related Quote from Verified User

because it supplies the most infrastructure per dollar spent. It's much more expensive to use Amazon EC2 to scale to over a million users. Also, the engine's … able to effectively test the app's scalability without having to pay large fees to do so. … auto-scaling feature of the engine can save you a l…

Related Quote from Hil Liao

to use Google app engine due to lack of C# support in the SDK. Positive: pricing is 10% more competitive compared to Microsoft Azure and %48 more competitive … {HashMap<String, String> map = new HashMap<>();map.put("key", "value");map.put("foo", "bar");map.put(…

Related Quote from Robert Christian

much configuration for the tasks at hand. Heroku - too simple and too expensive and lacking features. Pythonanywhere - lacking features.

Related Quote from Verified User

could work really well. Cost wise it is cheaper than Office 365 and adds value when it comes to the licensing cost of Microsoft office and Exchange. … well. Cost wise it is cheaper than Office 365 and adds value when it comes to the licensing cost of Microsoft office and Exchange. … Office 365. Removes ext…

Related Quote from Tyler Longren

Overall very positive. Seamless integration keeps costs low, for one. Prices are competitive with similar offerings from Amazon, etc.

Related Quote from Andre Masson

enterprise with appropriate software engineer the ROI is excellent because the cost of GAE usage is very low compare to the quatity of information it can process

Related Quote from Marco Biagiotti

Not so cheap Learning curve Frequently changes

Related Quote from Verified User

should provide more examples for developers. They should decrease their prices. They should improve the quota notification system. … When you get high traffic it becomes a little bit expensive. Ease of use. Good deployment solution.

Related Quote from Verified User

Low maintenance Good uptime Low cost

Related Quote from Verified User

provides best-in-class spam filtering and eliminates the need for a separate (expensive) application to manage unwanted email.