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Google Compute Engine Pricing Overview

Google Compute Engine


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Google Compute Engine Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solutions

Google App Engine

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Azure Virtual Machines

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Google Compute Engine Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Manjeet Singh

that can be directly used based on needs. It also helps us to reduce the cost by using the right size of VMs. … Options of preemptible VMs which help reduce the considerable amount of cost. … can navigate on the console easily for trying various options. Reasonable pricing…

Related Quote from Frank Palladino

deployments for several different customer facing products at a comparable cost to what it cost to run one production deployment at a competitor. This is likely … my earlier point, better pricing on GCP, (and like…

Related Quote from Lukasz Stadnik

Project base access. Well tested DR scenario. Competitive overall prices. … The best price/performance factor in cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP). Anticipated costs

Related Quote from Verified User

suited for multi-environment testing, development, and experimentation. Very cost effective. … multi-environment testing, development, and experimentation with the low cost of spinning up small instances along with the speed at which it can be d…

Related Quote from Aditya Mohan

After all the discounts, GCE is a bit cheaper with much less incidental expenses to deploy and maintain compared to Amazon

Related Quote from Verified User

practically interchangeable; we run workloads on both. We appreciated the more cost-effective solution offered by Google Compute Engine for our use cases.

Related Quote from Brendon Brown

operating off an external assessment that competitor services offer better pricing on production units, so we've agreed to keep Compute Engine in a low tier … audit from an internal efficiency perspective, and how that will impact pricing assessments. … cloud applications should consider Google Compute…

Related Quote from Verified User

virtual machines very easily. Google Compute Engine is user-friendly. The price is good. … our critical servers from hardware to visualized servers and we reduced our cost significantly. It is more efficient to migrate you ERP to virtualization … Saves time. Cost management…

Related Quote from Tristan Dobbs

GCE is excellent at cost management. We are able to manage billing to the second and set up rules … migrate workloads, and move out of the "server room". Ease of management cost control and customization are the biggest wins with G…

Related Quote from Josh Ashby

The big advantage of using Google Computer Engine is that pricing is much less than if you bought your own hardware. You are only paying for what you need … The price is very good. The support is excellent. User-friendly, easy menu, good dashboards

Related Quote from Vinicius Lima

Better price for Windows Server virtual machines The graphical interface to manage a specific … easily create new servers and start configuring it in minutes. Usually, the prices are lower when comparing with buying a local server. Furthermore, Google

Related Quote from Verified User

able to select a custom amount of vCPU and Memory resources. It provides pricing estimates on the page when configuring a new instance (versus having to

Related Quote from Verified User

Positive: We had good cost savings Positive: Very good stability and reliability compared to hosting

Related Quote from Fedor Paretsky

beyond what Google offers in their standard compute plans can get quite expensive. Firewalls/networking. Figuring out how to use these took way longer than … for a more exact figure of RAM or CPUs, the virtual machines get quite expensive fairly quickly. Negative. Internet bandwidth variability. The internet … to integrate the GPU-accelerated instances into o…

Related Quote from Verified User

applications with little up front cost in setting up the infrastructure for their application. … Less worry about infrastructure Cheaper than competitors Good customer

Related Quote from Tyler Johnson

Committed use discounts mean we get top-tier VMs for an incredibly competitive price. Wonderful identity and access management that gives us peace-of-mind when … Built-in monitoring via Stackdriver is quite expensive for what it provides. Initially provided quotas (ie. max…

Related Quote from Sazzad Hossain Sharkar

Pricing scale is good. Google Cloud Compute provides additional facilities free of cost (limited storage). Received one year free credits to get started … Pricing scale is good. Google Cloud Compute provides additional facilities free of cost (limited storage). Received one … Google Comp…

Related Quote from Dmitry Sadovnychyi

discounts could be combined with committed use discounts -- just give me cheaper price if I'm running a VM for a year … you can run basically any software you want, including Windows. They are priced on per-hour basis with discounts when you use it for a l…

Related Quote from Verified User

GCE as a low-cost virtual host solution, and we purposefully migrated off AWS and Rackspace to GCE. We made the decision mostly based on cost, but also the … GCE as a low-cost virtual host solution, and we p…

Related Quote from Raymond Hawkins

simple website hosting under most circumstances as the bandwidth can get expensive quickly if serving large files, but even for that it's very reliable and … The cost of bandwidth is…

Related Quote from Andy Zhang

Simple, yet transparent reporting of usage Generous and straightforward pricing … Engine for companies with adept engineering teams that want to maximize the value of their talent and focus on the core strengths of…

Related Quote from David Long, SPA

if you want high resource systems that are always online, it will get expensive really quickly. … We ultimately chose Google Compute for the price difference as compared to other providers. Google's pricing for Windows servers is even lower than Microsoft's … container engine clus…

Related Quote from Verified User

It has been cheaper overall to host our website.