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IBM PureSystems

IBM PureSystems


What is IBM PureSystems?

IBM's PureSystems is a converged infrastructure option.

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IBM PureSystems - IdoNotes Episode 124

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What is IBM PureSystems?

IBM PureSystems Technical Details

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For load balancing PureFlex is a robust ISV pattern which was combined with key elements of PureSystems and it delivers a greater ability and scalability. A WOS helps to increase our time-to-value, improve customer data reliability and reduced our total cost of ownership. Workload balancing systems that were incorporated and along with the assistance of IBM technicians and libraries of technical architectures that provided us with technical information helped us see the complete picture of the template combining with PureFlex. We utilize it across the enterprise, it has helped tremendously to reduce network stress and throughput. We utilize a tremendous amount of data for customers and PureFlex has increased data reliability and availability across departments.
  • Data reliability- by monitoring and increasing load balances PureFlex has made data and applications available more readily across departments.
  • PureFlex- has increased data integrity. By insuring that data is transported with greater fluidity, PureFlex has increased our data integrity by many folds. By helping us to be more precise in our data delivery, our customers have been more satisfied.
  • PureFlex- Integration within and scalability has been seamless. We have not experienced very many issues and the ones we have experienced were readily mitigated with the expert help of IBM technicians.
  • Efficiency- PureSystems has enabled our users to work more efficiently with customer orders, providing the requested data in a far less turn around time than ever before.
  • Scalability- We have already have had to scale up our memory storage due to a successful agreement with a data warehouse and it was a seamless effort completing the project with the assistance of expert IBM technicians at our call when we had any questions.
  • Combinability- PureFlex's ability to pretty much accept any other technology and incorporate it into a single network has saved us a tremondeous amount of money and time to stable platform.
I honestly don't see an area where the PureSystem couldn’t fit in and be of a great use due to its ability to integrate a multitude of technology, (some that are outdated even) to create a stable network platform. I think if a corporation is seeking to upgrade their system but is financially disadvantaged they couldn't make a better investment for more bang for the buck than buying the IBM PureSystem.
  • We were seeking a means to better leverage what we had without rebuilding the entire system, the PureSystem enabled us to do just that.
  • At first we were very hesitant of the system's robustness, it was to be honest a little intimidating, however with IBM always ready to hear our question no matter how small they might of seemed, we got rolling very quickly, I won't say effortlessly but very quickly.
  • When it came time on short notice that we needed greater storage and flexibility to incorporate some new application, the new system performed very well with incorporating the new applications and the increase of storage.
Well there was a lot going for the vCE block systems we considered the 200 and 300 series. These two series seemed to overlap each other just about right where we are at in our IT needs. The 200 series leaned more to the less side of our needs and the 300 leaned to the farside of our needs. The vCE didn't appear to be compatible with a lot of our current configured components, while the PureSystem did. So that was the real clincher for us. We spent maybe a week integrating everything and testing to insure things had integrated as expected but it was well worth the effort and time.
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