Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series Pricing

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Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series Pricing Overview

Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series


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Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Firewall Software


Key Features

Cisco Meraki MX

Key Features

SonicWall TZ

Key Features

Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Siddhant Singh

very hard to implement it initially Less documentation available online Expensive … details etc.Well, I am mentioning a big company with a good budget as it is expensive so if you are a startup then avoid it.

Related Quote from Rajesh Dotaniya

Networks Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series is very expensive devices and this is only afford by big organization. If your data is very critical then … cost effective product easy GUI very secure product

Related Quote from Binita Kharbanda

CLI configuration is tough Cost is too high. TAC support response.

Related Quote from Chirag Deol

Heavy budget small level company can't afford. Only pro level security engineer can handle or work on it. To remember

Related Quote from rahul Verma

Some organizations can't afford this firewall because this is very expensive but you will … Alto is really expensive firewall. Complicated command line. 9 … Easy to configure through GUI. Good technical support. Very expensive but you will get all the advanced security…

Related Quote from Vinit Sharma

for the beginners Expensive as compare to other available solutions Less documentation available … Palo Alto firewall only affords by Large level infrastructure … is highly improved so we don't need to worry about attacks & data breach Cost is justified according to…

Related Quote from Basant Gupta

Hard to configure through CLI. Very expensive. … I don't thin[k] small organization can afford this. This is best for big budget organization

Related Quote from gaurav sharma

Palo Alto is a very expensive firewall. If you have a good budget for a firewall and want advanced scanning

Related Quote from Vipin Sharma

very expensive, small sized company can't afford. no good customer care support very difficult to implement … prevent from any type of attack in you organization very expensive but provide best advanced feature and its worth

Related Quote from Adam Morrison

area that is not so useful is on a tight budget. Palo Alto firewall is not cheap and you will need to purchase two to have a redundant core.

Related Quote from Jeremy Cejka

well suited. It's security end to end in a box. The only challenge is cost. And if you size it appropriately for a medium business in a single location … you get peace of mind. That's a small price for a busine…

Related Quote from Verified User

Expensive. Palo Alto offerings are usually more expensive than products of competing companies (Cisco ASA, FortiGate, SonicWall, … subscription packages are needed, and licensing can be confusing and/or expensive. … series of devices by Fo…

Related Quote from Verified User

Price License … Great product if you can afford it. PA … PA firewall provide best in class NextGen protection Price are too high - depends on what subscription you deployed

Related Quote from Verified User

Cloud features Value Support … Virtual platform has allowed for great hardware cost decrease Multi tenancy options have been great

Related Quote from Cory Brester

the extra cost. … PA was cheaper than the

Related Quote from Verified User

Cost, these firewalls are awesome, but not cheap.

Related Quote from Verified User

devices are not rugged and are not well suited for industrial environments. The cost of products is higher than other vendors, but you are also getting a lot … Units are far more expensive than competitors. It's worth it, but the price point can scare potential clients off. … devices are not rugged and are not well suited for i…

Related Quote from Verified User

deployment. Their cost is sometimes prohibitive making other technologies better suited for those concerned about cost - but the cost is worth the technology

Related Quote from Michael Haberkern

Great up-time and reliability. May cost a little more but is worth it. Between our PA firewalls and our Juniper switching

Related Quote from Eric V. Zarghami

The endpoint protection price is not competitive The Ldap integration and user mapping could be more intuitive

Related Quote from Christopher St.Amand

live with. Netgear is very limited and cheaply made. Checkpoint, while having a large feature set is VERY expensive. … products, Netgear business class, Checkpoint and none of these come to the cost/performance/ease of management/feature set/support of the PA NGFW's. We'

Related Quote from Verified User

of service long-term, so we were able to work with Palo Alto to design a price point program based on a 5 year Lifecycle! We are very pleased with their

Related Quote from Verified User

devices are not cheap, and can be especially expensive with all of the licenses added on. … Overall, even though the device is very expensive (both hardware

Related Quote from Verified User

very advanced models (more expensive) do this. It might bring smaller customers in by adding more advanced features to lower-priced models. … measured in the first few attacks you prevent. IT leaders rarely include the cost of clean-up and preventative scanning of computers…

Related Quote from Verified User

These are cheaper (or at least were) than the Meraki firewalls and they allow you to integrate