Zoho Desk Pricing Overview

Zoho Desk has 4 pricing edition(s), from $0 to $40. A free trial of Zoho Desk is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.






per user



per user



per user
Pricing for Zoho Desk


  • HasFree Trial
  • HasFree/Freemium Version
  • HasPremium Consulting / Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • Setup fee required

For the latest information on pricing, visit https://www.zoho.com/desk/pricing.html

Zoho Desk Support Options

FeatureFree VersionPaid Version
Live ChatAvailableAvailable
Social MediaAvailableAvailable
Video Tutorials / WebinarAvailableAvailable

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Zoho Desk Pricing 2022

Having the right tools will make all the difference in running a successful help desk. Having agents that can coordinate and collaborate is an important part of a working help desk as well. Zoho Desk provides just about everything you need to manage your service desk and offer excellent customer service at the same time. The platform can help you address multiple tickets thoroughly, create better problem-solving strategies, and even empower your customers to help themselves.

What is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is a popular customer support platform and help desk software. It lets you manage tickets, share knowledge, and resolve issues quickly from a single spot. It has a wide range of automation and CRM services, making it a versatile tool for customer service, IT, and any industries where help desk management is essential.

The platform streamlines service desk workflows by providing omnichannel ticket management. It allows agents to handle requests from multiple sources in real-time. From one dashboard, agents can address tickets from emails, mobile apps, and social media. The dashboard helps agents work together, making Zoho Desk a great choice for team collaboration.

You can also give light agents access to the multichannel ticketing system. They are agents with limited access to the system. Light agents are useful if you need third parties to help you with customer management without risking exposure to sensitive data.

Zoho Desk offers many customer self-service options to improve agent productivity. You can create knowledge bases and FAQs so users can help themselves before speaking with an agent. There are also request automation features that prioritize and escalate tickets on your behalf. Agents can then focus on more intensive or time-consuming tasks.

This video will give you a great overview of the many ways Zoho Desk can be used to help your agents be more productive.

What is Zoho Desk? - An Overview

The range of integrations for Zoho Desk includes the Zoho CRM suite, as well as Google, Salesforce, and more. Zoho Desk’s higher pricing tiers include unique tools to improve your workflow. They have custom APIs for other services you need, and their powerful artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, Zia.

Zoho Desk’s AI Zia comes with powerful tools to help resolve tickets while maintaining customer satisfaction. Zia analyzes customer sentiment, identifies products, and assigns or escalates tickets. Zia can even learn to perform common tasks to help agents save time for more complex tasks.

Zia also helps build extensive knowledge bases for both agents and customers. It does this by tracking common ticket resolution strategies and tagging keywords and notifications. This will also save you time because you don’t have to track down and create FAQS on your own

The helpful video introduces you to Zia and shows its integral role in the Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM platforms.

How Much Does Zoho Desk Cost?

Zoho Desk offers monthly and annual pricing plans per agent for their paid tiers. Overall, the annual plans are less expensive if you plan on using Zoho Desk for a small team. Larger teams can expect to pay steeper costs per agent.

Below is a table outlining the various subscriptions and some of their most interesting features. You can read more about their pricing plans here.


No cost

Only covers 3 agents


$20/agent/month or $168/agent annually


  • Public knowledge bases

  • Community channels

  • More advanced ticket and workflow management

  • 24x5 phone support


$35/agent/month or $276/agent annually


  • All features from previous tiers

  • SLAs

  • More complex ticketing/team management features

  • Multilingual knowledge bases


$50/agent/month or $480/agent annually


  • All features from previous tiers

  • Zia AI assistant

  • Custom functions and integrations

  • Field watching

  • Live chat support

  • 50 light agents before add-on charges

There is a Free plan for Zoho Desk that covers 3 help desk agents. It only includes a basic range of features, such as email ticketing and a private knowledge base. This tier is ideal for a small business or support team that doesn’t need to manage large numbers of tickets. The Free plan does not allow add-on light agent support and only includes email support from Zoho.

The Standard plan includes a wider range of help desk software features. The most popular include public knowledge bases, customizable dashboards, and advanced ticket management. The Professional plan takes this further with more templates, advanced ticket sharing, and automated incident management solutions.

The Enterprise plan includes all available features of Zoho Desk. The big draw for this tier is the Zia AI. This plan includes the most comprehensive support package from Zoho, such as support on holidays. The plan includes 50 light agents a month.

Light agents can be added to the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans, Each light agent is $6 per month.

What Is An Alternative to Zoho Desk?

Jira Service Management is another popular help desk solution. Similar to Zoho Desk, the platform increases productivity through ticket priority automation, knowledge bases, and omnichannel dashboards. You can find Jira Service Management’s direct pricing tiers and features here.

When it comes down to the differences between each product there are several key features. The biggest one may be that Jira does not include an AI like Zia. This means they don’t have the same dynamic automation as Zoho Desk, but Jira does support smart form construction and ticket resolution. They can still improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Zoho Desk can access Zoho's extensive business integrations, but Jira can integrate with the Atlassian community and product suite. Like Zoho Desk, Jira has a wide pool of 3rd party integrations, including Google and Salesforce, so it’s easy to fit into your current workflow.

Jira’s Service Management includes training courses, certification, and documentation features. This not only helps agents get familiar with Jira products, but it teaches basic IT ideas and practices so they can develop their skill sets. The certifications can also measure performance and help identify areas for improvement.

Unlike Zoho Desk, Jira’s incident management services are locked behind paywalls. Their most powerful analytics and security tools are only in the enterprise plan. Jira’s multilingual knowledge bases are available at lower subscription tiers.

Both products have a major difference in the free trial periods available for each product. Jira’s Standard and Premium trial period lasts 7 days, while Zoho’s lasts for 15 days. Zoho has an advantage if you’re looking to try out any help desk software for the first time. The Jira trial period may be helpful if you’re looking to switch to the Atlassian suite of products.

In terms of service (TOS), Jira states explicit limits on the users, sites, and storage size for each pricing plan. Zoho does not express these kinds of limits, but you may want to ensure that they don’t have them.

Overall, it seems that Jira includes more complex ticket management and resolution solutions. Their self-service solutions are available at a lower pricing tier. On the other hand, Zoho appears to have greater ease of use for both agents and customers. Their higher tiers also include more autonomous ticket resolution features, such as the AI Zia.

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