AdStage is my BFF. (Saves my team time and $$ on LinkedIn Advertising)
January 18, 2019

AdStage is my BFF. (Saves my team time and $$ on LinkedIn Advertising)

Emily Muhoberac | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with AdStage

We are currently using Adstage to support our own LinkedIn Ad efforts and are now expanding our use as we bring on clients that are interested in leveraging LinkedIn advertising as well. It is primarily used by our marketing team, as the reporting functionality of Adstage makes it easy for the executive team to stay abreast of results without spending time in the platform.
  • Custom Formulas: AdStage gives users the ability to leverage different data points delivered by the ad platform to create custom metrics. For example, the LinkedIn Advertising platform does not export the data surrounding 'Cost Per Lead,' but we were able to generate that metric in AdStage by creating a formula using two of the data points that are exported. This is a very important metric for us, and I haven't found another reporting software that can do it. I think this adds incredible flexibility to reporting.
  • Custom Grouping: We have gotten incredible value out of the 'grouping' functions in the platform. For example, we wanted to do an analysis of what days performed better for our LinkedIn ad campaigns, but that's not a data point we can export. We created daily campaigns, labeled them as 'DATE [DAY OF WEEK],' and then were able to group the data by the [DAY OF WEEK] label in Adstage. As long as you can create a label for it, you can measure it.
  • Cohesive Product Line: All 3 of their products are incredibly valuable, especially when paired together. While I only currently use AdStage Reporting, I'm doing a trial of Automate and will likely purchase it as we scale more LinkedIn Advertising clients. If you're working with multiple accounts and have a nuanced strategy for your ads (pausing at certain times, only running ads on weekdays, etc.), then automate is a must.
  • Customer Service: I signed up for AdStage exactly a year after my first demo (definitely a slow burn). When I re-emerged many months later, the rep that I had worked with previously not only remembered me, but gave me an additional extended free trial to make sure I was ready to purchase. My CSM has been excellent, not only checking in consistently but also helping me build reports and keeping my account in mind for new features they are rolling out.
  • I have very little negative feedback regarding this platform. At one point in time, you could create and publish ads to the various platforms via Adstage, but they have started to move away from that functionality. You now have to create campaigns on the platform (for example, LinkedIn) and then automate functions of those campaigns on AdStage. I'd love it to be a one-stop shop where I didn't have to deal with the ad platform at all.
  • We haven't been using it long enough to have a positive ROI, but I'm confident we will as we optimize our campaigns based on the data we receive from AdStage.
  • AdStage saves myself and my team hours of time each week that we would normally spend preparing reporting or doing ad analysis in excel. This was the reason we purchased AdStage, and it's really living up to its promise.
AdStage has by far the best UI and custom functionality of any of the platforms we demoed.
AdStage is well suited for:
- Teams with a nuanced campaign strategy that will benefit from the Automate functions (automatically pausing campaigns, raising bids, etc.)
- Agencies running ads and reporting for multiple clients at a time
- Teams with monthly ad budgets consistently greater than $5,000
- Teams investing in LinkedIn Ads that are completely dissatisfied with their reporting (which should be all of you, because it's garbage.)

Adstage is less appropriate for:
- Teams that run long-term campaigns with no daily/weekly changes
- Teams with a monthly ad budget of $5000 or less (it won't be worth the price)

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Using AdStage

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