If you are ethical; avoid AdvancedMD
February 07, 2022

If you are ethical; avoid AdvancedMD

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Overall Satisfaction with AdvancedPM, by AdvancedMD

Literally the most unethical organization on the planet in my opinion. We received a lot of misinformation up to the point we signed the contract. Upon execution, we learned from the implementation team that much of what we were told was inaccurate. This was reported almost instantly and we waited over 30 days for any form of response. It was not possible to move our data from our old EMR to the new EMR even when contacting data migration organizations. I believe AdvancedMD didn’t care one bit. We never added anything to the EMR and decided it was not possible for us to continue. They billed our account a month ahead of time and demanded 3 months' worth of payments before canceling the contract. I believe this is a horrible company. Truly the lowest of all EMR’s out there. Runaway from this organization!
  • Absolutely nothing.
  • The implementation team has integrity.
  • The sales team is worse than car dealers in my experience.
  • Be honest.
  • Investigate the comments made by their employees.
  • Support the end user.
  • Scheduling.
  • Multi-Locations.
  • We are paying over 5K for absolutely nothing.
  • We believe this company does not concern itself with the end-user.
  • We identified a large lack of ethics in the organization.
The only benefit (which ended up being false for us) was the price point. By theory, it is capable of quite a lot, but sadly we never got that far to even be able to try it. We are just paying for a system we are 100% unable to utilize. We ended up staying with our current EHR and will reevaluate it down the road. Definitely will never seek AdvancedMD again.

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It would be well suited for an initial user. If you are starting a practice and have nothing in place, it might be great. However, if you are a current EMR user of a different platform and have more than a hundred patients; don’t waste your time. This is a hands-off company that, in my opinion, will do nothing to support your efforts. We have a practice of 11,000 patients and would have had to hire 2 FTE’s to print all the patient data and upload it individually.

Relationship with AdvancedMD

In my experience, not one single thing they claimed was true or accurate. This has been a nightmare and I am so happy to be washing my hands of them. This was similar to buying a used car. You got the feeling in your stomach that something was wrong and even when speaking to those specific points the accurate information was withheld.
This was just as bad as the sales team in our experience. We were at least provided accurate information from these folks, but once we all got on the same page and decided we were unable to proceed; we were sent back to the sales team. I believe the “director” is worthless and did nothing to assist us whatsoever.
Hard to say, we never got to try anything. Once we determined the migration would not work to retain data without hiring a physical staff to handle the download and upload of 11,000 records, there was no negotiation. They are even billing us fraudulently for parts of the EMR that would not be legally utilized by some of our providers. As an example, we are being billed for these 90 days for ECPS for 2 providers that are not able to e-prescribe as they are functional medicine doctors.
In my opinion, don’t deal with the sales staff at all. If you do, demand that emails are answered in writing. Despite the fact that they record calls, I believe they won’t review those calls if it happens to be in your favor. This is just the most unethical company on the planet in my opinion. I think you’d be better off with paper records than working with AdvancedMD.