Trusted Arcserve UDP Backup
June 27, 2017

Trusted Arcserve UDP Backup

Jerry Shakal | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Arcserve Backup

We initially used a backup-to-tape solution utilizing a 2 tape drive 66 slot robotic library, backing up 1.4 TB of Windows and Linux files nightly. Our backup window exceeded 20 hours and had encroached our production window. Performance was being impacted. We purchased 2 Arcserve UDP 7300v appliances; one on premises, the other geographically located approximately 230 miles away. Arcserve now protects 10.2 TB, which dedupes down to approximately 2.6 TB. Our backup window has dropped from +20 hours to 45 minutes or less. All data is kept on the premises and replicated to the second unit that is offsite, providing redundancy. The 2nd Arcserve UDP appliance, which backs up servers at the offsite, replicates its data back to our home site. Arcserve UDP also provides data archive-to-tape (annual and quarterly) and local data file backup. Arcserve UDP excels in providing both. File restores are painless and flawless.
  • Backs up Windows and Linux virtual and physical servers quickly. After the initial full backup, data is deduped and compressed. This dramatically reduced the backup window. Restores are easily accomplished, using intuitive web interfaces.
  • The data is easily replicated between units. Scheduled to occur in the middle of the night, network bandwidth is not dramatically impacted. Truly, a set it and forget it operation.
  • Using the appropriate UDP, administrators can actually "spin up" a virtual machine from the latest backup, allowing disaster recovery on your critical servers while repairing failures in the background.
  • Copy-to-Tape function is available. This satisfies annual and quarterly data retention requirements.
  • Linux backup status reports are not as granular as the Windows status reports. Linux email reporting does not include missed backup jobs, backup, or replication failures or success.
  • Deploying Arcserve UDP with the "copy-to-tape" option allowed us to reuse well over 50 LTO5 tapes used by our previous backup solution. Further, we extended data retention on site (maintaining monthly backups on disk) as well as extending off site data retention on tape.
Arcserve UDP is fast, reducing our backup window from +20 hours to less than an hour. Arcserve UDP also has proven itself when restoring databases and files to to the same location or alternate locations quickly and efficiently. We have also successfully created "synthetic" Full backup tapes from the current backup sets.
Restorations are easy and painless. These Arcserve appliances have exceeded my expectations. Our daily “bread-and-butter” operations revolve around web servers and databases. I feel more confident than ever that file/database recovery operations will continue to be successful. These appliances live up to their claims.

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