Trust in your partner and use of reliable software are key for successful Backup and Recovery
Updated August 19, 2015

Trust in your partner and use of reliable software are key for successful Backup and Recovery

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Software Version

12.2 SP1

Modules Used

  • Any available from Asigra Cloud Backup Software

Overall Satisfaction with Asigra

Asigra Software enables matrix technology AG to offer "Cloud-Backup made in Germany" - an easy to use, reliable and scalable backup and recovery solution for mid range businesses.

All customer data is backed up on our multitenant infrastructure vault in Datacenters all in the Munich area.
All data is encrypted and kept as long as needed for 7 x 24 restore availability.

In case of a desaster customers would be up and running within a very short RTO on our shared multitenant infrastructure platform to continue their business.
  • Agentless design simplifies Backup for a wide range of traditional and cloud platforms including Windows, Novell, Linux, Unix, MacOS, iOS, Android, Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce and more
  • Backup distributed business data based on a highly secure and effective method to Cloud Datacenter Vaults and store it safe and encrypted as long as needed based on flexible scheduling and retention policies
  • Provide reliable successful restores 7 x 24 with short RTOs
  • Easy repeatable DR drills ensure desaster recovery when really needed
  • The Service based architecture of Asigra Cloud Backup Software enables a broad range of Private, Hybrid an Public solution and service offerings for flexible customer best fit Service Provider Agreements
  • Easy Client based secure VMWare replication simplifies DR Scenarios for VM based mid range customer environements dramatically and significantly shortens RTO
  • Backup and Recovery is still a complex Topic. So the challenge remains to simplify User Interfaces for easiest possible access to the most common (daily) tasks in Backup and Recovery
  • VMWare cloud director integration and even deeper integration with storage vendor APIs would increase the technical opportunities for more complex datacenter scenarios.
  • High customer satisfaction based on high Service Quality and reliable Backup
  • 7 x 24 restore availablity of > 99,9 close to 100% including planned maintenance Windows ensures restores whenever needed.
  • Successful recoveries across all platforms returned value of investment to affected users in terms of no loss data and relief to continue business without major impact
There are several good products in the backup and recovery market, no doubt about that. We selected Asigra because it covers more public, hybrid and private cloud backup scenarios than other products. Asigra has proven to be a reliable Partner to us offering Backup and Recovery Services for over 10 years now. Successful backups mean a lot to us in daily business and restore success is key to us and our customers as we all rely on it when it is critically needed.
Asigra Cloud Backup Software is a very reliable backup solution which ensures an encredible high recovery availability and success rate with short RTOs. It is best suited to backup remote distributed data for a wide range of Servers and end point devices from and to traditional and cloud platforms . It is also great to backup mid range business IT to datacenter remote premises for desaster recovery purposes.

Using Asigra

5 - Communication skills
Operational Experience
Technical expertise
Analytic and 2nd level support skills to identify problems and solve technical issues
Storage and Backup Software Know
How Know about backup interfaces of all OS Platforms and Applications
Be reliable and trustworthy as well as careful as they take care about their clients data
Always be ready for the unexpected (restore , recovery), like firefighters.
All of our satisfied partners and we as a service provider ourselves just have renewed our Asigra licenses. After over 10 years using Asigra software we know: It is worth [it]. We are already looking forward to the next software release including new business valuable features to be published soon.

Asigra Implementation

Yes - 


1) Planning

2) Business Approval

3) Purchase and Delivery

4) Implementation

5) Documentation

Go Live.

Asigra Reliability

Over 6 consecutive years our Asigra Backend had 99.99% uptime and provided 7x24 data restore availability.
Software is robust in operations, provides N+1 node architecture to protect against failure of half of the nodes (majority of the nodes still up) and software based replication to protect against data loss across two geographically independent datacenter locations. Why not 10 points? Some major upgrades still require short downtime within a planned maintenance windows.