Avamar, Tape Robot Terminator!
Tim Knarr | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 09, 2015

Avamar, Tape Robot Terminator!

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Overall Satisfaction with Avamar

Avamar is our primary backup system, backing up over 40 servers, including those over the WAN. We partner with another organization for our offsite push and we are their offsite location. Avamar would allow us to get up and running to quickly deploy our systems in another area of the country quickly is a natural disaster. We also use it for one off restores on file issues. The bare metal restore works well and quick in an all out server corruption.
  • Data deduplication is the best feature. The amount of data backed up to space used has been impressive.
  • Ease of backing up whole VMs with vCenter integration makes a bare metal restore really easy.
  • Because of the deduplication, the backup times are really quick and don't heavily impact the servers. Also makes it really light over the WAN.
  • The client interface has constant JAVA issues and can be slow and chunky. We have often had issues with current versions of JAVA breaking it so it will not even run.
  • The backup clients are split out for function. Although this makes them light, it also makes it cumbersome to upgrade clients. The naming scheme can also be confusing for the clients.
  • Even though Avamar appears expensive out of the box, the fact that they don't charge by the client makes them affordable over other solutions if you have a large number of servers.
  • We have had to use the bare metal restore on two occasions and the speed and efficiency was incredible. Getting a server back up and running quickly can be a life saver.
  • Being JAVA based on the management can make things difficult in a crisis. The last thing you want to deal with is SSL cert errors and JAVA versioning issues.
I started with Avamar as a tape backup replacement. I had drives at each location and a tape robot at the central data center. Moving to disk backup with no tape switch out was incredible. With tech today, almost all backup is disk backup. Avamar's quality hardware and deduplication technology has kept it ahead of the curve with other competitors even today. When I have had to call EMC for support they have been quick and efficient in solving the issue. The amount of time saved from going from tape to centralized disk, frees up so much of my time and keeps me from chasing my tail finding tapes.
For a small business, it is cost prohibitive. For anyone who needs to back up over the WAN or has a large number of servers, it is a great solution. This is especially so if your server OSs are consistent across your organization. The dedup level and speed increases so much when your server level is equal across the board. The quality of our hardware has been really good as well. Over the five years of use, we have not dropped a drive or had a hardware failure.

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Universal recovery
Live recovery
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Business application protection
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Backup to the cloud
Deduplication and file compression

Using Avamar

5 - All IT except one. That one is a CEO who uses it to backup his laptop data and self administer. This allows him the security of knowing he is the only one viewing his data for confidentiality and quickly be able to restore files when he has an issue. Our IT staff uses it for backup/restore daily.
1 - I have been the only person who handles the day in day and out maintenance of Avamar over the last 5 years. Although others know how to do restores, set up backups and install clients, I alone manage the system day in and day out. Having simple reports emailed to me daily keeps me up on backup integrity. One of the easiest backup systems I have ever managed.
  • Daily backups of core systems. Because of the speed and reliability, it is perfect for that.
  • Cross WAN backups. Dedup makes backups over the WAN to be fast and light on your network.
  • No need for the tape sprawl. Because it is contained, no need to switch out tape and move to a secure location.
  • User controlled backups.
  • Partnering with another organization in a different state, split the cost in half and solves the off site dilemma.
  • We are doing more user desktop backups.
Since we have had it for five years, we are currently looking to upgrade. New cost is a lot easier to swallow and being able to migrate easily are two of the biggest reasons we are staying with Avamar. It is a great product and has served us well over the years.