Be your own Scrum Master, try Axosoft.
March 07, 2018

Be your own Scrum Master, try Axosoft.

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Overall Satisfaction with Axosoft

We use Axosoft as our Scrum Management system across our entire organization. This software has helped us get our arms fully around each of our sprints and projects to ensure deliverables are met. Additionally, this software gives us visibility to the entire project - what is needed, what is required, what items are being blocked, etc.
  • Sprint Planning - clear schedule views, easy to manipulate
  • Reporting - ability to filter on multiple sets of criteria
  • Logging - detailed audit trails to see what comments, changes, edits were made by whom and when
  • Timing Out - when editing a story or bug, occasionally Axosoft will time out and all changes will be lost
  • Viewing past sprints can be hard to locate
  • Multiple users within a Story - Axosoft could do a better job managing multiple users on the same story
  • User Interface isn't entirely user friendly and looks a bit outdated
  • Axosoft has positively affected the time management of our employee resources
  • Axosoft has shown us where we have inefficiencies in the organization
  • Axosoft has allowed us to track projects better, get them out on time allowing for more projects to be scheduled and, in turn, increased our subscriber count.
We are currently using all three listed above in conjunction with Axosoft. Both JIRA and Axosoft are currently being used for the same purpose as we try and identify which product is better suited for us. We use GitHub and Slack in conjunction with Axosoft but not in the same capacity.
Axosoft is perfect for a small software company that develops a specific and singular product. It is easy to use when managing projects and sprints with multiple users. Axosoft is great across an entire organization so all can have visibility to upcoming projects, releases, and sprints. I don't recommend Axosoft for a larger organization across multiple departments - too much room for human error. Though perhaps across ONE department in a large organization, Axosoft would be appropriate.

Using Axosoft

Once you get the hang of Axosoft, I think it's easy to use however... getting the hang of it takes quite a bit of time. Additionally, once Axosoft makes an update, it can be difficult to find your bearings again. Like I said, once you know how to use the product, I think it's easy but it takes a bit to become comfortable and confident with Axosoft
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Slow to learn
  • Writing User Stories and Bugs
  • Entering comments or changes on User Stories
  • Clear Scheduling view of upcoming Sprints/Projects
  • Updating the Workflow on a Story
  • Too easy to make an unwanted change
  • Audit Log is difficult to locate and follow