Great for detailed, robust prototyping, but clunky with a high learning curve.
Stephanie Martin | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 09, 2018

Great for detailed, robust prototyping, but clunky with a high learning curve.

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Overall Satisfaction with Axure

Axure is used to create very robust, hi-fi interactive UX/UI prototypes, more so that can be achieved with competitive software. I primarily use it when demonstrating design concepts to other designers, since there is no straightforward sharing functionality, though it seems to be considered industry-standard by some when it comes to prototyping.
  • Useful for creating UI prototypes with hi-fidelity screens.
  • Can edit screen elements in the program, as well as importing from other software.
  • Detailed interaction design.
  • VERY steep learning curve, the interface is not very intuitive.
  • Difficult to make even small changes to interactions, especially elements such as dynamic panels.
  • No straightforward keyboard shortcuts, which slows down design process.
  • Tends to crash more than other software, as it's so large, but not so frequently that it's a great annoyance.
  • The interface generally feels outdated.
  • Can slow down design process, prototypes take more time to build out.
  • Clients are typically impressed by the very detailed prototyping, giving more positive feedback on the overall design.
As I stated, I find myself reaching for Axure less. Though it is certainly more powerful than an other tools I've used, it is also the slowest and least simple to build out a prototype. For quick turnaround for a client, I'll always reach for one of the other programs. For a sendoff to a developer, there's a better chance I'll use Axure instead.
I find myself rarely reaching for Axure anymore. While it's great for very detailed, realistic prototypes, the unintuitive and clunky interfaces slows down my design process greatly. It's also quite a bit more software than I need for simply sending a mockup to a client for them to get a feel for how a user would interact with their product. The one time where it really is a step above other software is when I am not the one building the website, and need to send a prototype directly to a developer.