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Birst Review: "Data Capture"
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Updated January 09, 2019

Birst Review: "Data Capture"

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Overall Satisfaction with Birst

Birst has been used across the orgnainization. It is used for reports bookings.
  • Tabular visualisation
  • Exporting into excel
  • Filtering
  • Updating. It has been very slow
  • Easy to use. People find it difficult and not intuitive
  • Maintenance. Difficult to address errors and find a solution
  • Ability to do ad-hoc analysis and scheduled reports
I did not manage to do ad hoc analysis, because of the complexity of the data links. I have used other software.

Easy to import data and build relationship.

Easy to create ad hoc analysis.

Not very easy to handle all the data sources in a short time frame.
BIRST is ideal when you have small data to report and very systematic reporting. It is not user friendly when changes need to be made.

Birst Feature Ratings

Pixel Perfect reports
Customizable dashboards
Report Formatting Templates
Drill-down analysis
Formatting capabilities
Integration with R or other statistical packages
Report sharing and collaboration
Publish to Web
Publish to PDF
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
Multi-User Support (named login)
Role-Based Security Model
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Responsive Design for Web Access

Additional Questions on Birst Capabilities


Users can access the dashboards easily, but performance could be an issue.

Time to Value

Birst is good for the ETL bult in capability, but it requires a lot of SQL development. It is time consuming if complicated logic needs to be built, but once in place it is reliable.
Processing time could be a bit long, therefore it is suggested to refresh no more than once a day.


We have no benefit from the mobile apps capability.

Data Governance

The organisation has definitely benefit from Birst. Users get information quickly, consistently and wherever they are. Security levels have been built and different level of permission have been created.
Birst is not easy enough for all users to create their own dashboard, but more advanced users have the capability of changing reports in visualizer.


Birst has been updating their offering regularly. Every quarter there is a new release. Pronto has been on the market for sometime, but due to extra costs the company did not embrace the new product.
Regular updates are realised, not always with major changes, but interesting features such as forecasting or clustering have been introduced sometime ago.

Using Birst

Users and Roles

217 - Sales, Finance, IT

Support Headcount Required

2 - SQL Developers

Business Processes Supported

  • Performance/sales reports
  • Integration of different data sources
  • KPI

Innovative Uses

  • New metrics built that are feeding into global measures
  • Forecasting analysis

Other Software Used

Future Planned Uses

  • Expand to other departments
  • Build connection to new platforms
  • Integrate all data sources available

Products Replaced

Key Differentiators

  • Product Features
Possibility of building the ETL

Birst Support


The answers are not always immediate

Birst Customer Support Pros and Cons

Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed

Bug Resolution

Yes - A different URL had to be used for a month

Exceptional Examples of Birst Support

We had an issue with a user. Birst provided extra support.

Using Birst

Usability Pros and Cons

Like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Requires technical support
Lots to learn

Easy Tasks

  • KPI
  • Simple Graphs
  • Simple reports

Difficult Tasks

  • ETL structure
  • Date and time analysis
  • Implied greins

Evaluating Birst and Competitors

Evaluation Lessons Learned

If possible, I would look into Birst Pronto