A technology perspective of Blackbaud Education Management Solutions
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October 16, 2019

A technology perspective of Blackbaud Education Management Solutions

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Overall Satisfaction with Blackbaud Education Management Solutions (formerly Blackbaud K–12 ON Solutions)

It is being used across all divisions (lower, middle, and upper schools). As previous users of the Education Edge products (NetClassroom and FAWeb), this product allowed us to have a relatively seamless transition into a much better SMS interface. Better for parents, better for students, and better for teachers.
  • I like the ability for teachers to customize their individual bulletin boards for their classes. Allows them to provide information and enrichment materials that students can access at any time.
  • I like the SSO integration available for things like PTC Wizard conference scheduling software.
  • I like the ability to imitate parents\teachers as it makes troubleshooting issues easier.
  • There should be the ability to making changes to the interface to help the visually impaired.
  • The changeover to the Blackbaud ID was unnecessary, consider restoring LDAP.
  • Some of the management interfaces to do tasks in Core are clunky, they could be redesigned to be more clear and streamlined,.
  • It is expensive.
  • If teachers keep up with it, it should save them time when grades are due.
  • Product updates can sometimes break the product
  • Operational efficiency
  • Advanced automation
  • Improved insights
  • Improved internal and external communications
  • Reduced IT expenditure due to cloud deployment
  • Increased scalability due to cloud deployment
  • A connected school solution
I believe that for the most part, we have met all of our goals. Certainly having a common interface among teachers, students and parents has made using the product much easier. Automation is still kind of where it was previously. I'm not sure our teachers take advantage of the ways they can automate certain processes. Being able to directly email out of the interface has improved teacher\parent communication. The cloud implementation has helped and hurt—students can connect from any machine anywhere but are dependent on the quality of that connection. Overall, the good far outweighs the bad.
We have not implemented this aspect of the product due to the foot-dragging of the business office and advancement.
For the most part, I find that you can get problems solved pretty easily through the use of the chat feature. Phone calls can solve more complex issues, but you can also find that there seem to be problems that they just declare unsolvable or say they are looking into to repair in the next update.
It is used by our admissions department, and I really don't have much interaction with it, however, I do like the idea that a prospective student who enters our system can be tracked and switched over to an enrolled student quite quickly and easily. Beyond this, it is outside of my scope.
I think it provides a fairly easy to grade book system for teachers with the added benefits of online assignment submission and ample places to make enrichment materials available to students. From the student perspective, it is essentially an organizer. They can easily see assignments, schedules, and tests and from the parent perspective it is an easy way to keep track of student progress
Once again, I am familiar with this product and interact with it mostly through Core, but I would say that I believe that it allows a pretty flexible accounting of student information. From the very deep information that is needed for records to the basic stuff that teachers can see and access through contact cards.
Once again, I am not in charge of this piece of the puzzle, but I have dabbled in it. I don't think the interface is particularly intuitive and I am a bit aghast at the price one has to pay to get the website updated, but overall the site looks and works as it should.
It is certainly well suited to any system that is currently using Education Edge. Obviously, I believe that it is appropriate for any school system looking to have an SMS that allows for rich content would be happy with this. It is less appropriate for lower grades. Perhaps a change could be an interface that is more appropriate to the needs of, say, a 2nd-grade teacher.