BuzzStream is Essential for Large PR/Outreach Teams
April 25, 2018

BuzzStream is Essential for Large PR/Outreach Teams

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Overall Satisfaction with BuzzStream for Link Building

My entire PR team (20+ people) use BuzzStream day in, day out to list build and maintain relationships with writers/journalists that we regularly reach out to for possible link building opportunities. It's allowed us to build a database of over 30,000 contacts that we can easily keep track off, edit, or update when need be. BuzzStream is highly customizable and makes it easy for my team to keep track of projects and to see how other team members are using it to prevent any overlap with contacts. You can pull reports or do a deep dive analysis to uncover trends or see how junior members are performing. It also allows you to see emails between your employees and journalists which is great for transparency. We used to use Streak to handle our communications for our link building campaigns, but BuzzStream has allowed us to streamline this process and is much more efficient. We really heavily on this tool every day and wouldn't be as organized without it. The BuzzStream team has also been fast at getting back to us if we ever experience any issues with the software. Like any type of software, you'll come across glitches, but overall, BuzzStream is the best out there, particularly for PR professionals and marketers whose main goal is link building.
  • BuzzStream is the key to keeping our PR team organized! You can assign specific people to manage projects or allow for your whole team to have access.
  • It's highly customizable and can be tailored to the type of work your company does. You can create email templates with customizable fields and sales sequences so that you don't have to remember to follow up. Overall, this software can really enhance your email outreach and save you a ton of time.
  • Transparency and reporting! BuzzStream gives you a deeper understanding of your outreach campaigns, team performance, and link placements through fully customizable reports. You can look at things like open rates, template efficiency, etc.
  • Sometimes BuzzStream can have glitches but the BuzzStream team is super responsive and receptive to helping you resolve any issues.
  • There are a lot of clicks and stages you have to get through to save a contact or change a status. It would be nice if BuzzStream developed an autosave option whereby you didn't have to click 'save'every time you change something or update a contact.
  • We rely heavily on successful outreach for our clients which means earning lots of links. BuzzStream has been essential in helping our team meet those goals, therefore, I'd say it has had a strong positive impact on the business in terms of ROI.
  • Streak
BuzzStream is better for larger teams whereas Streak is great for smaller teams or those who are just getting started with personalized outreach/link building.
It's great for PR and link building teams who regularly perform outreach (every day or a few times a week). If your main goal is to link build or get placements, this tool will become essential to your team. If you don't reach out to writers/reporters on a regular basis, I don't think you need something as large-scale as BuzzStream.

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