CIENCE has mastered the formula in being a phenomenal partner and producing stellar results!
April 29, 2020

CIENCE has mastered the formula in being a phenomenal partner and producing stellar results!

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Overall Satisfaction with CIENCE

CIENCE helped us to develop a systematic approach for lead generation via inbound and outbound marketing. They are constantly researching new potential customers for us, and doing all of the hard work involved each and every day to ensure the highest quality meetings are being scheduled. They are primarily being used by our sales and marketing teams, but the impact of their work is felt across the entire organization. Their team creates and optimizes our messaging and outreach by testing and adapting to the responsiveness and feedback of our prospects. This solves a critical issue for us because our C-level team is limited in bandwidth, and CIENCE's expert work allows us to focus on closing deals, be more innovative, and execute the company's vision.
  • The team at CIENCE is incredible. Our assigned Customer Success Manager (Yaroslav), SDR (Valeriya), and Lead Copywriter (Amanda) have produced some of the best work we've had by any of our vendors. They are all top-notch talent and are also some of the most hardworking, helpful, and genuine people I've had the pleasure to work with.
  • CIENCE is lightning fast in their communication. They are reliable, responsive, and always doing their best to exceed our expectations.
  • CIENCE is not only one of our most productive vendors, but they are also one of the most strategic partners of ours. They sincerely care about the results that they produce and are always thinking outside the box to make our program better each day.
  • The team is incredibly resourceful and collaborative. CIENCE will regularly bring in a variety of experts to our weekly calls to help us resolve issues that I would usually expect to be out-of-scope for them. They never cease to amaze me with how much knowledge is shared between their departments and how willing they are to jump in and support us.
  • There isn't much to say here for me from a feature or functionality perspective. We've always had a very seamless interaction with CIENCE from a technology standpoint. I have to admit that I am typically the bottleneck if things ever get stuck because our team at CIENCE usually has to push me to get materials and documentation for our campaigns.
  • We once ran into a slight issue with the timing for our contract renewal. I needed to pause our service because of a large deal we acquired, and I needed to save some extra funds to ensure we could prepare for it properly. I was technically too late to put the pause in time based on the dates in our contract. However, the CIENCE team worked closely with me to come up with a creative solution that was understanding of my challenging situation at the time, while also favoring our long-term partnership rather than short-sighted revenue gains.
  • CIENCE has had an incredibly positive impact on our ROI. The deals that they have brought in have well exceeded the costs of hiring them.
  • Our company has grown over 5 times since last year, and CIENCE was a big part of that. With their tenacity and focus on getting us in front of key players at prospective clients, we were able to focus on generating new tech, working on moonshot deals (which we ended up landing), and unlocking the full potential of our business. I can literally sleep better knowing that I've got CIENCE in my corner supporting our lead generation efforts, which allows me to focus on the most critical areas that drive our growth.
  • The meetings that they are currently setting for me are looking extremely promising. Based on the traction we've gotten via CIENCE so far this year, we can see ourselves growing our revenue another 5x this year.
We evaluated a handful of other companies in this industry before signing on with CIENCE. After doing the research, we found them to be a far better company with a much more compelling value and cost. I don't even remember the exact names of the other companies we met with, but I do recall how secretive and dubious their competition was about pricing and how the team resourced their time. The other models honestly did not make sense because they were cheaper but claiming that they would produce more for us with fewer resources and less of our support and collaboration. I have a lot of experience working in this industry in my past, and CIENCE was the only vendor our Executive team trusted after discussing potential contracts with at least 3 other vendors. They have since proven themselves even more, and the transparency, clarity, and collaboration that they sold us on originally have only developed more as we continue to work with them.
CIENCE is well suited for any organization that is willing to invest the proper time and effort with their team to fully utilize their services and leverage the wonderful talents of their team. It is probably much less appropriate if you think that CIENCE is simply a vendor that should work independently and magically produce groundbreaking results. They will absolutely produce results and exceed expectations, but your organization has to do your part as well to ensure the success of the program.

When I first started working with CIENCE, I had many other priorities and honestly did not put enough focus on our program. Despite this, CIENCE was able to produce good results. After I realized that I had not been attentive enough and moved some other things around to prioritize our work with CIENCE, the results grew significantly.

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