Clover, the POS payment solution for our transactions
June 08, 2021

Clover, the POS payment solution for our transactions

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Overall Satisfaction with Clover

Thanks to the security and efficiency provided by Clover we can manage our payment system in a faster and more automated way, by using their electronic devices we have significantly improved the speed of our deliveries and the boost it generates to the attention of potential customers. The customer service was always friendly and helped us in different occasions with problems that we could not solve, in addition to maintaining a virtual guide during all the steps of the process of adaptation to the company. Sometimes they were slow to attend and it was a bit annoying because you always expect good service, but when they did attend they always provided solutions. Clover has been for us a big step forward, with their devices we could have a plus of novelty in our business, in addition to the reliability of its operations keeps us constantly informed with accurate reports, although you must learn to use correctly to avoid errors that hinder the experience and can generate changes in accounting that can then be very annoying.

  • Clover's POS system and its line of point-of-sale devices guarantees secure money transactions, allowing our customers to place their orders and payments quickly through any available means, promoting self-service and generating a positive impact on customer service.
  • Because Clover devices are based on Android, their interface and functionality is very similar to that of current cell phones, highlighting a greater ergonomics when using the software for both consumers and users.
  • Clover integrates in its operation an inventory control system that is updated in each transaction, this allows the user to have more attention in the replenishment of stocks, thus helping to avoid the inventory losses and allowing to calculate in real time the profitability and rotation of the product instantly.
  • One of the things I liked least about Clover is that from the first moment you have to use one of their electronic equipment, and generate a contract that in the future is very expensive to abandon, however we still continue with the service.
  • Clover could have a greater number of tools for small companies, because the ones it has are intended for large companies, it can generate that small companies can not finish using each tool of the software in question.
  • The operating system is already a bit old, based on Android 4.4 can present failures and moments of slowness when it is overloaded, which increases waiting times and makes us have to restart the devices constantly, this after a constant time in use.
  • The user experience is the main feature of Clover, the process to understand it is easy and intuitive allowing a satisfactory use and managing the system of collections and orders in a dynamic and centralized way.
  • The payment transactions are instant and provide the information through general reports, which gives a clear idea of the money we are earning and the capacity of our inventory, this generates a lot of confidence for us users because we perceive the results in real time so we can make the best possible decisions for the company.
  • Clover also allows the printing of receipts through its devices, with which the customer's orders and payment ticket are generated instantly, allowing a feedback that generates confidence in the customer and automation in the service.
  • We obtained better monetary results after implementing Clover in the company, the speed of the service and the automation of the payment system also saves time, which is then expressed in higher profitability.
  • The platform's profitability is well supported with a price that perfectly matches the quality of the service and the extra features it offers.

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Clover is a very useful tool for places where a product is going to be offered on a constant basis, as it allows you to manage inventories, order requests and the collection system efficiently, keeping billing and income information up to date. It is suitable for the addition of new products, allowing the customer to see different items at any time, and through a touch screen can take their order, make changes or simply make payment using their credit card quickly and securely. I don't see it working well in a company with few workers, because of the capacity of the functions that Clover has, they won't be able to take advantage of them correctly and will end up making limited use of it.