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September 15, 2021

Clover POS Review

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We use Clover to run credit cards. We have a demo version set up in-house and we resell it to many merchants. Only the integrations department uses it, but we have been using it for years. Clover is a very popular option for our merchants and everyone seems to love it. The only issue we ever get is the support not being very helpful.
  • Easy to use
  • Devices look very nice
  • Merchants love it; very few complaints
  • Customer service could use some improvement.
  • Apps inside the "more tools" app are very unclear.
  • Dashboard is a little difficult to understand.
The ease of using Clover is amazing. The smaller ones are basically a phone that runs cards and the bigger ones are just tablets that run cards. The printers are also very easy to get hooked up. The P550 printer has contactless pay which everyone loves. They have almost anything any merchant could ask for.
We get a lot of complaints about their customer service. They are hard to understand and sometimes are very unhelpful.
Robert Ford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Clover as a payment terminal at our 5 retail locations. It allows us to easily and securely process credit card transactions while having back-office management functions.

Prior to Clover, we were using a 10 key pin pad and a processor that gave us no back-office visibility of transactions, no employee controls, no enhanced functionality, and no increased security.
  • Ease of set up with one or multiple locations.
  • Ease of use from day to day functions to reporting to transaction investigations.
  • Simple and adaptable functionality with access to the tablet or the portal.
  • Intuitive back office management portal
  • Focus functionality on retail use and not broad based with focus on food services
  • Build a turn table into the countertop unit so both the employee and customer can use the tablet
  • Offer color choices in units (white is not always friendly with long term use)
Clover works well in retail but it is based on foodservice use. So, there is some functionality that can be confusing and features that have to be ignored. For example, it contains orders and refers to these in payment details. Retailers don't generally create orders and use the tablet for card transactions. On the other hand, these functions can be adapted so they are not used and not visible to employees.
Score 9 out of 10
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Thanks to the security and efficiency provided by Clover we can manage our payment system in a faster and more automated way, by using their electronic devices we have significantly improved the speed of our deliveries and the boost it generates to the attention of potential customers. The customer service was always friendly and helped us in different occasions with problems that we could not solve, in addition to maintaining a virtual guide during all the steps of the process of adaptation to the company. Sometimes they were slow to attend and it was a bit annoying because you always expect good service, but when they did attend they always provided solutions. Clover has been for us a big step forward, with their devices we could have a plus of novelty in our business, in addition to the reliability of its operations keeps us constantly informed with accurate reports, although you must learn to use correctly to avoid errors that hinder the experience and can generate changes in accounting that can then be very annoying.<div><br></div>
  • Clover's POS system and its line of point-of-sale devices guarantees secure money transactions, allowing our customers to place their orders and payments quickly through any available means, promoting self-service and generating a positive impact on customer service.
  • Because Clover devices are based on Android, their interface and functionality is very similar to that of current cell phones, highlighting a greater ergonomics when using the software for both consumers and users.
  • Clover integrates in its operation an inventory control system that is updated in each transaction, this allows the user to have more attention in the replenishment of stocks, thus helping to avoid the inventory losses and allowing to calculate in real time the profitability and rotation of the product instantly.
  • One of the things I liked least about Clover is that from the first moment you have to use one of their electronic equipment, and generate a contract that in the future is very expensive to abandon, however we still continue with the service.
  • Clover could have a greater number of tools for small companies, because the ones it has are intended for large companies, it can generate that small companies can not finish using each tool of the software in question.
  • The operating system is already a bit old, based on Android 4.4 can present failures and moments of slowness when it is overloaded, which increases waiting times and makes us have to restart the devices constantly, this after a constant time in use.
Clover is a very useful tool for places where a product is going to be offered on a constant basis, as it allows you to manage inventories, order requests and the collection system efficiently, keeping billing and income information up to date. It is suitable for the addition of new products, allowing the customer to see different items at any time, and through a touch screen can take their order, make changes or simply make payment using their credit card quickly and securely. I don't see it working well in a company with few workers, because of the capacity of the functions that Clover has, they won't be able to take advantage of them correctly and will end up making limited use of it.
September 12, 2020

Clover is great!

Ashley Beal | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Right now Clover is just being used by one department. It is being used by my department (Finance/Accounting) and we use it to receive discounts from local businesses.
  • Clover is great for finding local businesses around you.
  • Clover is also great for receiving discounts or promotions from these local businesses.
  • The setup of the app could use some improvement.
  • I feel like the app is a little confusing to navigate.
  • This may be difficult for older users who are not as comfortable or savvy in an app setting.
Clover is well suited in situations where you'd want to support businesses around you while receiving the promotion or discount they have on the app. It also is well suited for companies who often purchase from these stores or restaurants and want to save a little money from time to time.
I have never contacted clover support so I cannot rate them fairly.
Score 10 out of 10
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Clover is used for point-of-sale at the retail location, as well as at booths and tables for outdoor markets. The online ordering feature is also used for curbside pickup of apparel items, and for online orders that are shipped globally. Clover also provides CRM features that we make use of for adding users to an email list if they opt-in, and sending them information about new offerings and sales.
  • Great integration with third-party payment processors.
  • Lots of additional features like the ability to add promotions and discounts.
  • Clover has features for gathering customer feedback.
  • Clover Stations and Clover Mini are well-built and well-designed.
  • Clover is aimed at restaurants so many of the features do not make sense for an apparel retail store.
  • Price is an area where Clover could improve in order to match the prices its competitors offer.
  • Could have better onboarding and tools for small businesses.
  • Clover is more complicated to set up and do the initial configuration since there are more options. This isn't bad per se, but it can be overkill for some small businesses.
Clover is perfect for restaurants, as well as any customer-facing company (whether a restaurant or other retail, etc.) that has multiple employees thanks to its shift management. Clover is great when you are trying out different promotional offers and discounts as well, such as happy hours at restaurants. It is less appropriate for a small business with very few employees, or a sole proprietorship, which might not use all the extra features Clover has to offer.
While I've never contacted Clover customer support, their website and available materials are absolutely fantastic. Overall, they present information in a clear and easy-to-understand manner with case studies and examples aplenty. Their online content for Clover users is excellent, whether on the technical side for integrating with back-end software services, or walkthroughs for employees who are new to the system.
Score 8 out of 10
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Clover is used at my family restaurant, Divine Curry. It is a POS (point of sale) system used to record orders and collect payment. It is a white tablet on a stand that comes with Clover software hosted on the Android 4.4 operating system. The highlight of the system is their proprietary software with which you interact thought the touch screen. When you set up the Clover system, a representative comes and helps you input your restaurant menu into the system and gives you basic training on how to add future items. The software allows you to create orders for dine-in, takeout, or delivery, and all customer details that you enter are saved for future reference. You can easily go from any order to payment, which is supplemented by an add on credit card reader and receipt printer. In our case, we use the receipt printer to print orders for the kitchen as well as a receipt for the customer. All transactions are saved and can be viewed in the Clover portal on their website, which we used to do some analysis on the busiest times of the day and best selling items. All in all, Clover is a great POS system, with polished user experience, and helpful features.
  • User experience
  • Payment transactions
  • Customer support
  • Old operating system
  • Limited features
  • Limited reporting
Clover is suited for someone looking for an all in one, easy to use, point of sale system for a small business such as a restaurant. You have to train your employees on how to do the basic functions and most of the activities are remedial if you have used a smartphone before. I don't think it would be so appropriate for large retail stores because it's not fast enough to handle high demand and many items.
We rarely have problems, but when we do, they are major and the system becomes unusable. While Customer Support does eventually respond and fix the issue, they can take a long time. If a major problem occurs on a weekend during the dinner rush, it can be catastrophic to sales and customer returns.
Kirsten Rodriguez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We currently use Clover in our Country Market & Cafe as our POS system to handle sales, generate reports, and track inventory. Our accounting department is then able to use the data generated to keep track of the numbers and the Retail Manager is able to decide what to order based on how sales are going.
  • Clover has an excellent POS system with several add-on pieces of equipment available. Many many features to fit all business needs
  • Very easy to use, and even has an online login where you can edit inventory and settings, as well as get real time reports
  • Inventory control, offline mode, and customer information storage are also wonderful tools to help you keep up with your business
  • Reports! The reports are great!!
  • Pricing and contracts. When we first decided to use Clover we were required to use their equipment and have a contract. Their monthly fees are a bit high
  • Customer service needs some improvement. A lot of what we have learned we figured out on our own.
  • You have to use their equipment. They don't have an app you can put on any device
Clover is good if you are going to have consistent business all year long, wish to have inventory control, and have a reliable internet connection. We also use it in our cafe, which is great because you can customize things and print an "order" receipt, which is what the chef uses to make the order. It definitely needs to be in a stable environment with an actual table or counter.
Score 9 out of 10
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Clover is a great and cheap way to have an effective POS system up and running, without having to outlay a large amount of startup capital on your till system. I have seen too many young companies fail in the initial months having spent too much on POS and other shop fittings etc. Clover helps in this respect.
  • Low cost
  • Very user friendly
  • EFTPOS included
  • Not geared towards larger organisations
  • Not many areas of customisation
  • Little third party add ons
If the opening budget for a shop is tight, Clover can help keep this in check with the bundled method of billing each month that can be applied. There is also the small learning curve which means that you do not have a large training program to undertake to use Clover.

What is Clover?

Clover Networks, a First Data company (merged with Fiserv July 2019) offers a modular suite of Point of Sale systems (PoS) for restaurant and retail. This modular suite features fixed PoS stations, a customer loyalty program and gift card, an analytics module, as well as a mobile point of sale that Iplugs into the users smartphone and tablet to accept secure credit card swipes, as well as dips and taps like Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™ and Android Pay™.

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