Concur: Quicker Reimbursement and Simplified Paperless Expenses
Nathan Wright | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2020

Concur: Quicker Reimbursement and Simplified Paperless Expenses

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Overall Satisfaction with Concur Travel and Expense

Our entire organization recently made the switch to Concur for expenses. It was met with some resistance from the pen-and-paper crowd, but I think it has been an absolute blessing for the users and the department managing expenses. It no longer takes weeks for my paper receipts to be processed and then tacked onto a check run - it's now days. I don't have to worry about saving receipts for weeks while I wait for my month-end report, I can just snap a pic.

It's a brilliant, simple method. This is how all companies with a decent sales force should handle expenses, there is no better alternative.
  • Efficiency - for your sales team, accounting team, and auditing departments. Anyone overseeing expenses will be thrilled by the comprehensive paper trail.
  • Ease of use - no more filling out Excel sheets and copying your receipts. Snap a pic, hit upload, fill in the blanks. 1, 2, 3, paid.
  • Camera Quality - the camera is a bit poor, it struggles to generate a clear receipt when there is a lot of text. It's not a great system when compared to the inbuilt camera app. I suggest improving this, or that users take photos using their inbuilt camera app and then upload to Concur.
  • Analysis Bug - When uploading receipts, they are often caught in an "analyzing receipt" loop that requires you to restart the app. No a HUGE deal, but if you have users that aren't overly tech-savvy you'll have issues.
  • Improved AP effiency
  • Reduced incorrect or incomplete expense reports
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Concur is integrated with our SAP platform. This helps the accounting team manage all financial aspects of our company - there is no back-and-forth reporting for cash transactions. Everything flows together for simplicity's sake.
Again, the ease of use, efficiency of operation, and reduction in errors have been great for our company. Managing a sales team, each with thousands in expenses, is very time-consuming. Concur helps to vet receipt values before the receipts are processed, making administration's job easier. Expenses are categorized automatically (or manually should the app struggle) to make financial reporting easier. Financial reports are then more accurate, giving the sales management team a better picture of where expenses are being incurred.
The admin experience is far better - receipts are categorized, amounts are vetted, and there are no more jumbles of paperwork. It makes their job far easier, while improving accuracy.

The employee experience is great. We're reimbursed far quicker. The time required to generate an expense report is minimal, especially if you capture your receipts as you go. It's quite literally a press of a button to generate your report and submit. Then, you receive tracking emails as your report travels through the admin sphere. Everyone wants their money faster, Concur makes that happen.
This software is idea for companies with growing sales teams. If your team is currently mailing in envelopes of receipts from a month on the road, with a folded up Excel print-out report, you should seriously consider moving to Concur. The time-saving factor is enormous. Your AP team will be more efficient, your team will get reimbursed faster, and you'll find your organization operating more smoothly. The training process is simple; users can be up and running in less than 30 minutes without requiring a Comp-Sci degree to make the app work.

If you're already using a paperless expense system, Concur Travel and Expense may not be right for you. The app still has some bugs - going from one technology to another may serve to do little more than irritate users that now need retrained.