Concur makes expense reports and booking travel quick and easy.
Updated October 22, 2021

Concur makes expense reports and booking travel quick and easy.

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Overall Satisfaction with Concur Travel and Expense

Concur Travel and Expense is being used in my department. My team of premier bankers use it for expense reimbursement and travel when applicable. It makes the process of getting reimbursed quick and easy, and we don't have to worry about saving receipts since we can automatically upload them after taking pictures.
  • Speed of expense reimbursement: Assuming managers approve the reports in a timely fashion, I would get reimbursed during the following pay cycle
  • Ease of uploading receipts: All I need to do is take a picture of an expense and upload it to my concur account, and it will automatically enter the expense for me.
  • Booking travel: It helps me to find the appropriate hotels and flights based on my company's budget allocation.
  • Duplicate notification: While I understand why the flagging of duplicate expenses is there, sometimes I have two charges that are from the same amount at the same place, just at a different day and time. I have to adjust the dollar amount slightly for it to not get flagged. For example, I'd list two $20 charges from the same vendor as $19 and $21.
  • Receipt uploading: While uploading is easy, I am occasionally notified that a receipt was already uploaded that was not.
  • Hotel pricing: Booking through Concur limits me to their pricing, which seems to be the baseline pricing of the hotels. I can typically find cheaper pricing on my own.
  • Positive impact: Speed of entering reports. Uploading receipts via phone and entering expense report isn't tedious, it's quick to do.
  • Positive impact: Ease of entering reports. It's pretty simple to enter reports and book travel, saving sales people time and helps us get back to other tasks.
  • Positive impact: Duplication and over-budget flagging. It catches things like duplication of expenses and lets users know when an expense does not fall within the company's thresholds for maximum spending, so it saves managers time with review and saves the company money.
  • Positive impact: Ensuring hotel and air travel stay within budget minimums. If your company requires booking through Concur, as a user you must stay within their choices, ensuring that costs stay within a certain amount, and hopefully ensuring safety and quality of the hotel if your company has established some guidelines.
I used Expensify at a startup and Concur is simply more robust. Both are easy to use, and both have an app but Expensify's only works with Apple products. The reporting functionality is much more robust on Concur, and Expensify does not allow you to book travel from their site, although they do partner with NexTravel for booking. Honestly I've had a really good experience with both, and I know Concur is more expensive but it's more robust so I would recommend it for large teams, while Expensify is great for smaller teams and startups.
To my knowledge, we have not integrated any other software with Concur Travel and Expense.
Concur has made it easy for us to upload receipts, submit expense reports, and book travel. I know it has saved managers time as well and has saved our company money by flagging duplicate expenses and allowing our company to submit criteria and thresholds for travel and expenses. It has freed us up as users because of the ease and simplicity of booking expenses. We can get back to doing our day to day work quickly and taking care of customers.
Concur has saved us all time. Saving receipts is tedious and I tend to forget what receipt is tagged to what event, so it's great that I can take a picture and upload it to Concur, in the moment, so that all of that is done for me. It also saves me time in booking travel, because while I like looking for deals online, it can be time-consuming especially if I don't know the area. Concur simplifies my options and makes decisions easier.
Concur is great for a company or department that has many employees who get reimbursed for expenses. It is robust, with reporting functionality, an app, and the ability to book flights and hotels. I think for a bigger company it's excellent but for a smaller company with fewer employees, a simpler option should do just fine.

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It was easy to use, you can access everything from the home page, every drop down menu is self explanatory. Submitting receipts is simple, it's good that it allows to save and attach them to each expense. You can save lots of receipts and when you create new expenses, you can select from the receipts that are saved.
  • Submitting expense reports
  • Uploading receipts
  • Booking flights and hotels
  • Submitting receipts for similar amounts/locations (sometimes they are flagged as duplicates)
It's the only program that we use for expenses; parking, client visits, licensing, it all goes directly through Concur. This makes things centralized and straightforward, it goes directly to the manager and it's easy for management to review and approve everything in one place. If a new employee is hired they can get up to speed quickly because everyone is familiar with the product.
It's easy to use it across multiple departments because everyone is familiar with it. Employees in a different segment or different branch have used Concur, so if someone transfers locations or works with another department on a project, they are already familiar with Concur. It makes training and onboarding easy as well.
To my knowledge we actually only used Concur Travel and Expense as a standalone product; we didn't need to integrate it with any other software. I was an end user, so management may have taken advantage of some of the integration options, but as an end user I would log in through Concur only and was able to track the status of the approval through the website.