Conductor Searchlight Truly Sheds Light on SEO!
Matt Hall | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 20, 2019

Conductor Searchlight Truly Sheds Light on SEO!

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Overall Satisfaction with Conductor Searchlight

Conductor Searchlight is being used by our Marketing department, specifically our Digital Marketing Team. Our original intention in pursuing a partnership with Conductor Searchlight was based out of a need to be able to effectively identify what our competitors were doing to beat us to page one of Google for specific search terms.
We also had a need to identify gaps and holes in our online content strategy. Conductor Searchlight not only shows us what our competitors are doing to win at SEO, but it also gives recommendations on how to take action on the opportunities that are within striking distance. We did not have the budget to hire a team of people to do what Conductor Searchlight can do for a fraction of the cost.
  • Recommendations, in my opinion, are the best thing about Conductor Searchlight. The recommendations dashboard gives my team ideas for quick wins with SEO, which saves me time from having to manually mine data to determine in on my own.
  • Competitor analysis is essential to how we use Conductor Searchlight. Being able to identify what our competitors are ranking for specific search terms in specific regions is crucial to making good SEO decisions.
  • The explorer tool is great for planning new content ideas. The data that it provides saves so much time when determining what keywords to target for new content.
  • Set up time is a bit long, but the great thing is you know that the Conductor team is working hard to get it set up right the first time around. Measure twice, cut once.
  • The platform is very robust and can be overwhelming for non-tech savvy people. Although the platform is user-friendly and designed well, the learning curve is quite steep.
  • Training was quick and to the point. I wish it has been a little longer and more in-depth.
One of the things I mentioned was that the setup time is a bit long (typically 1 month). However, I know it is because they are working hard to set the platform up so the data is as accurate and clear as can be. We trust the data we are getting from Conductor Searchlight and so far, it has been spot on.
  • A positive impact that Conductor Searchlight has had is the ability to take action on potential SEO quick wins.
  • Conductor Searchlight saves us so much time that the man-hours saved are worth the cost of the platform alone.
  • Conductor's reporting tools have made it so much easier to share results with the team.
We don't have a dedicated SEO and content team, however, being a small team is one of the main reasons we chose Conductor Searchlight. We are able to accomplish as much with a small team with Searchlight that a large SEO team could accomplish without Conductor Searchlight. I would imagine that the platform would increase efficiency substantially for larger teams.
During our initial evaluation of an SEO platform, we evaluated BrightEdge alongside Conductor Searchlight. We chose Conductor Searchlight for a number of reasons.
  1. Conductor was more user-friendly than BrightEdge.
  2. Conductor had a better recommendation tool than BrightEdge.
  3. Conductor provided an actual SEO Strategist with our account and BrightEdge did not.
  4. Conductor provided monthly deliverables that we could take action on.
Workspaces allow us to organize what we are researching and working on. This is great for the simple fact that we are not overwhelmed with reports and data that can get lost in the shuffle. Insight stream is a great dashboard that gives my team an overview of everything that is happening in regards to our SEO strategy. Overall, Conductor Searchlight is very user-friendly.
The support we have received from Conductor Searchlight is superb. Our bi-weekly meetings, consistent email communications, and live chats make it near impossible to get in a bind. I would have to say that the live chat feature is the best way to communicate with support about the platform. Any time we run into snags or have a question, the chat team is right on it with no runarounds.
Conductor Searchlight was well suited for our needs not only because it was the best SEO platform on the market, but because of the SEO strategist support that came with the platform. The Conductor team really wants to help their clients succeed at SEO, and they work hard to make sure goals are met.

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