Connect Your Sales Team!
June 29, 2017

Connect Your Sales Team!

David Landry | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ConnectWise Sell

We are using ConnectWise Sell to streamline and standardize our quoting process. This system provides us with professional looking quotes, and the ability to deliver them to our clients in a variety of ways. Before we began using it our quotes were done in Word and Excel formats, and combined into a PDF for presentation to our clients. ConnectWise Sell allows us to spend 80% less time building a quote with the use of templates, and getting the information our clients requested quickly.

ConnectWise Sell provides us the metrics and reporting we didn't have using a manual quoting process. Our close rate has increased 80%, and our sales team sees the results in real time. The integration into ConnectWise Manage has made it easy for our sales opportunities to be generated into orders, and move effortlessly thru the purchasing and service processes.

  • It provides our company with a standardized quoting process. Everyone works the same way, uses the same templates, and generates a professional quote. Nothing gets left out or missed.
  • Portal provides your sales staff and management with a complete view of their efforts. They see in real time what opportunities are in the pipeline, and how successful their efforts are when these opportunities are won.
  • Provides a collaborative platform for our sales team to work on customer quotes. We can now have 2 or 3 members working in the same quote whereas before we had to wait for someone to free up the document before others could access it.
  • It allows us to provide much more information in our quotes by attaching documents to the quote. Things like manufacturer specifications or brochures can now be easily attached into the quotes making it a presentation instead of a bunch of line items with numbers.
  • ConnectWise Sell is customizable to meet the needs of my company. This is so important to us because similar products only allow you to do what they design it for. Our business changes regularly and we need our software systems to be agile and adaptive to it.
  • I'd like to see ConnectWise Sell develop a more user-friendly environment for advanced form and template design that doesn't require developer skills or consulting engagements. in order for us to develop these forms makes us reliant on consultants. These engagements are worth the cost, but sometimes we just don't have time to wait for them to be delivered.
  • I'd like to see ConnectWise Sell automatically generate a quote for items such as warranties or services that are expiring in ConnectWise Manage. This would save us a tremendous amount of time preparing quotes.
  • I'd like to see a new version automatically created when changes are made to a quote with the ability to reverse or revert back to a particular version. Sometimes people make mistakes and delete or change something they shouldn't have. Or customers want a change to version 1 only to change their minds when you send them the updated one, and want to go back to the original one.
  • It's reduced our time to deliver quotes to our customers by 70%.
  • We have increased our opportunity close rate to 90%
  • We can accurately recognize and reward sales staff using real time data

We looked at as an option but it just wasn't the right fit. It didn't integrate well into our system, and to close the gap was costly. We needed a comprehensive sales tool to handle every aspect of our business. Data needed to systematically flow into all company departments instead of being entered multiple times. We needed to manage the relationship with our client and not the volume of it. It's portal based application meant we could focus on meeting customer sales requirements with reliable and secure access, and not having to manage or maintain it on premise. The deployment of the software was an easy experience guided by knowledgeable consultants who knew our business already without having to learn it along the way. ConnectWise Sell meets all those objectives, and continually is improving.

We made the decision to streamline and standardize the sales process in our organization. To accomplish this we needed a software that integrated with our CRM and operations software. It also needed to be customizable internally to work the way we worked. We began customization by making sure every template we created had all the legal and financial fine print included. We then company branded the templates with a look and feel that was ours.

We haven't found an area that it isn't well suited for, but we found areas that challenged us to the point we have to consider advanced development engagements with ConnectWise Sell to deliver. Internally we just don' t have the necessary skill sets to convert some our managed service contracts into the desired templates. To do this requires developers from ConnectWise Sell to design them and deliver them into the portal. It just takes time to perfect the process, but that is a hurdle we encountered in the early adoption of it.

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