Couchbase, the right tool for the job.
May 27, 2020

Couchbase, the right tool for the job.

Nathan Ekstrom | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Couchbase

Couchbase is being used as a backend datastore for our document management SaaS system. We originally brought it in to replace aging technologies, such as E-Directory. As our experience with it has grown so has its use inside of our product. We are now actively migrating our systems that rely on SQL Server to it as well.
The biggest issues that Couchbase solved for us were scaling and data elasticity. As our user base grew we knew we needed a system that could scale horizontally so that we had more predictable capital expenditures that could be planned for. We also wanted to be able to update data models without having to perform difficult schema definition changes or table alterations. Couchbase met both of these objectives.
  • Single and multi-record lookups are extremely fast.
  • N!QL lets SQL programmers get up and running quickly without having to learn a new way of thinking.
  • Full-text search, still basic but becoming more useful.
  • Management UI is awesome providing a useful dashboard for determining the health of your cluster.
  • Rolling updates just work.
  • Full text search is very basic and fairly limited throwing errors at times that are difficult to understand or resolve.
  • .NET SDK has not always been compatible with the latest server version.
  • Easier application development.
  • Higher number of concurrent users.
  • Faster data retrieval leading to less need for caching.
Individual record lookup is extremely fast. You can run into problems though when dealing with query nodes. Query nodes seem to try and answer all requests at the same time rather than having a maximum number of requests it will work on at a time. This can cause issues when the query nodes get behind.
We looked at several different SQL and NoSQL systems. Most were either too expensive, didn't provide the needed functionality, or were too hard to use with the size of our team. We ultimately went with Couchbase because of its performance, horizontal scalability, and price.
Couchbase is ideal for situations where you store JSON objects that you usually retrieve using a unique key, speed and reliability in this area is supreme. With N!QL it is also a great replacement for situations where you would use SQL. With that said however, it is not a good fit for situations where you need strong ACID properties. It is an eventually consistent system and with a lot of transactions happening it can take it awhile for an index to catch up. You can usually work around those issues but it does require extra work.

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