Try CrashPlan Pro. It will become your "Crash Plan"
Updated September 07, 2016

Try CrashPlan Pro. It will become your "Crash Plan"

Clifford Goeke | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with CrashPlan

We have 15 local users and 35 remote users. I set up a parent and two sub organizations. The subs were set not to inherit the parent settings so I could control who could make changes to the settings. The remote users are locked down so we can be compliant with regulations about data archiving and retention. Remote users can not delete from backups and backups are set for unlimited retention. The backup is set to run continuously. The only issue we have had was with a user that has a satellite internet connection with limited or capped data. The first backup used most of her data allotment for the month. Users had to be educated to leave their computer on while the first backup was running.
  • After the install the user doesn't have to do anything. Our remote users were used to having to copy data to an external drive for archiving. Which meant it usually wasn't done. The central office didn't have access to any of those files either.
  • I am able to monitor which users are backed up and contact those that appear to be having issues.
  • Since the install package exceeded the attachment size allowed with our email client I included an HTML link to the location of the download.
  • The install took less than 10 minutes including the download of the software. Our documentation included screen shots of what the user should expect to see. This allowed remote users to install without having central IT get involved.
  • The management website times out frequently requiring a re-login.
  • Some of the information reported isn't consistent. Because each user can have multiple devices the number of devices doesn't match user number.
  • The number of users is the number of accounts that you have set up. Not the number of active users.
  • Some of the settings report inaccurately when first entering the screen. Refreshing the screen will update the settings. The help desk is aware of the problem and they are working to resolve the issue.
  • We were using iDrive for the central office backup. With the amount of data we were using monthly the upgraded plan would have cost us as much as the entire install of Crashplan.
  • Getting a backup solution for our remote users was a very high priority. We paid for the dedicated engineer to help with the install. This saved a lot of time researching or hunting information for the install. It paid for itself is saved time for our IT department.
The deduplication feature and continuous backup puts this application ahead of others. The ability to prevent users from deleting files from backups is another feature that was attractive for our management and legal team. Set and forget is great. No intervention from the remote user is even better. I don't have to worry about whether they did the backup. Cost wise the application is on par with other cloud based backup [solutions]. Plus CrashPlan will keep the user from deleting files from the backups. We evaluated iDrive, Carbonite, Zipcloud, BitCasa, and SpiderOak. CrashPlan required a little more IT setup on the front end but was a better fit for our organization.
CrashPlan is great where you have remote or inexperienced users. It is a set and forget application. It just works.

Using CrashPlan

All you need is a browser pointed to the dashboard site. Select the area you need to look into.
  • Employee changed a BIG excel spread sheet and the formulas stopped working. Restored to previous version in seconds.
  • Complete user profile restore after a hard drive crashed.
  • local restore of a remote users files when cloning a laptop for a new employee
  • Ransom ware recovery.
  • Meet government requirements for data retention.
  • Peace of mind for our board knowing we have the data backed up and accessible.
No other product works as well.

Evaluating CrashPlan and Competitors

Yes - We used several "solutions" for data backup. None was centrally managed. None allowed us to see the backup was actually being done.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
Just look at the other users. There are some pretty heavy hitters there.
Look at crash plan sooner.

CrashPlan Implementation

for stand alone remote users it might be helpful to get an automation install script made.
Change management was minimal - Plan on a couple hours to work with the install engineer.
  • Getting remote users to install.

CrashPlan Support

I've only had to wait once for an answer. That happened when the chat person had to escalate. Still got my problem fixed within an hour.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - It is a separate line on the invoice but charge is zero.
From the start. They assigned a dedicated support engineer to get us up. He stayed on the phone until The install was up. Any questions I had or things that I wasn't clear on were answered right away.

Using CrashPlan

We use the program and I have personally recommended and help set it up on several client personal computers.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • How about a central dashboard for the program.
  • Make a change and push it out to all or a select group of users.
  • No remote user intervention required.
  • A function I used (night dashboard look) was removed in an update. I had to search to find why it changed and wasn't working.
Yes - Web based dashboard. Look at it from anyplace.