Choosing TrafficLIVE
December 01, 2015

Choosing TrafficLIVE

Simeon Calver | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Deltek TrafficLIVE

TrafficLIVE is continually being used in our extremely busy studio on an hourly basis to monitor not incoming jobs but to access we have the amount of resources in place to meet the deadlines. Before TrafficLIVE we did not have enough visibility of the current status of jobs to keep the account managers informed of their progress. It was very easy for jobs to be bumped as there were no clear processes in place when challenged as to why a job was over running or being superseded. Previously we would have large charts to outline each season work load but this was proving ineffective as keeping the chart up to date was proving not only too time consuming but less and less used as the definitive scheduler. TrafficLIVE is used by the marketing department in our head office with a broad range of users.
  • Good overview of what has been planned in and highlighting any potential troubleshooting needed.
  • You can add as many tasks for each job so that the potential to miss a deadline is avoided due to not having enough time added.
  • The user permissions can be set for a particular audience rather than there just being one generic setting. We have different levels of management as to who can self assign work and who is assigned their daily/weekly work flow.
  • One of the main features I would like to see added is another permissions option that allows Studio/Traffic Managers to the see the 'blue' time added that currently only the user can see when they have added their actual hourly time. This would give the option to view quickly the progress of a job, and to see if its still live or completed. There is the option to look at the 'weekly timesheet' but this in my opinion is not nearly as user friendly as being able to look at a glance each calendar.
  • It would be hugely beneficial if along the grey bar on the bottom of the homepage another notification is added that a job had been added to Deltek TrafficLIVE. A simple number would alert you that a new job has been added and needs your immediate attention.
  • The job search has been conveyed to me by a number of users as not working efficiently enough. If you have the job number then it works perfectly but if you try to locate a job by the account managers name or project name it will not reliably respond in your search.
  • Much more clarity as to how much time each different type of brief should take to complete as we can back reference as to how long it took last season.
  • It has lead to better customer service. We can visibly demonstrate where we are with jobs and who has been assigned. In the past verbally confirming the different stages did not always convince the project leaders that they were being given the actual real time.
  • From the Studio users point of view it has empowered them to manage their time more efficiently. If they receive a request to move onto another job their calendars can be reviewed to see if they are available or not.

We chose Deltek TrafficLIVE after several presentations as to the benefits of its work flow system, and having explained in detail as to what we had to achieve to make our studio much more productive plus being able to monitor the daily pinch points. The overall design, navigation and usability compared to other more complicated products that we had considered was ultimately the decision maker for us.

During our selection process we considered not only what were our specific requirements were but would the whole department and its users welcome and new way of working. Like a number of organisations there is a culture which had to be overcome when you are proposing a change in the process of how the work flow is going to be managed. To avoid any chance of Deltek TrafficLIVE not be taken seriously we under took several workshops with the key stake holders so that they had the option to share their views and recommendations. One of the key questions was how user friendly the new platform would be because if it was not then it would soon be only a few users who could be trusted to use it and just revert to their old ways of working. Another question being who would be the day to day user administrator? The answer being the studio gained a unanimous vote of approval!

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