Dynatrace review from a Dynatrace AppMon user
January 29, 2019

Dynatrace review from a Dynatrace AppMon user

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Overall Satisfaction with Dynatrace

Used for application monitoring and tracing. Seeing the usage of host resources and it helps find bottlenecks in our application in general.
  • CPU tracing.
  • Topology view.
  • Deltas between baselines.
  • PurePaths have no real code visibility. There is no way to trace back to a method In the actual code.
  • Memory heap dumps are not available for .net or .net core.
  • Bad navigation between screens. You cannot easily flow through the pages within and either need to start from 0 or from another page. Also, the time slice resets without keeping the current time I have selected. Screen one - go to a link in screen one to link to a different screen - time is reset and needs to put it again.
  • We have found issues thanks to the CPU profiling.
  • We have had the ability to monitor console applications that were not available to monitor with other paid tools.
  • We have found high count dB calls, and thanks to the insights from Dynatrace, we can see the number of rows fetched.
I think Dynatrace is superior to the competitors. However, Dynatrace AppMon was/is still light years ahead of Dynatrace. I would rather have something that is way better than the competitors in all areas, rather than just better in some cases.
Dynatrace is well suited for CPU debugging, although I really recommend understanding what are you doing (code knowledge) because it also records totally normal operations that will appear as High CPU utilization thought they are not, so you need to learn how to ignore them.

With PurePaths you can see all the downstream calls in a call (sometimes a bad thing) as sometimes there is no way to retrace to the actual code. If someone is making 300x useless dB calls, I cannot trace to a method within the code in Dynatrace. This can be painful for applications where you don’t explicitly have the queries in the code (LINQ). This is a big room for improvement that I would like to see ASAP.

Negatives: Bad flow. From host view, you can see the apps allocated, but clicking in the app doesn’t always let me see the PurePaths or calls for that application, I need to go to transactions and service.

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