Thoughts on EMS from someone who "lives" in this software.
Amy Williams | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated August 23, 2019

Thoughts on EMS from someone who "lives" in this software.

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Overall Satisfaction with EMS Software

EMS software is used by our registrar's office as well as other departments across campus. In my department, Notre Dame Studios, we use EMS to schedule services, resources, and space. It has helped us manage all of our resources in one place.
  • EMS allows us to schedule our staff, equipment and rooms that are needed to complete our services.
  • EMS process templates allow flexibility in scheduling among different types of users across the University.
  • The book view in EMS allows the staff to view the day ahead in a glance.
  • When using the calculations option in pricing, it is almost impossible to report on those amounts. We currently have to run several reports to get the details needed. It can be very tedious pulling the data together.
  • When entering payments it would be ideal to allow a batch of reservations to be shown as paid, rather then entering each reservation number individually.
  • When processing invoices, it would be ideal if the invoices could be emailed as a mail merge instead of one invoice at a time.
  • EMS has allowed us to offer different services to different clients through the process requests.
  • We recently upgraded and found some options in the desktop client to be valuable.
  • We have been disappointed that the web client no longer offers the configuration and various options available on the desktop client.
It was already selected on campus when I started using it.
I am concerned about the softwares ability to handle higher traffic as more users start implementing the software. The system does already seem to have slow periods where there is some increased lag time.
  • We are using it with 7 points to communicate to staff regarding events.
  • We hope to get the financial piece integrated with our journal voucher tool kit process on campus for accurate money transfers.
  • We would love to have Google calendar implemented but not as the user or room requester but as a manager of all events.
At this point I am unclear on how configurable it is. I am hoping to find out more options at this conference.
The % calculation function is difficult to report on. The software is great for scheduling events and adding various resources to the event.

Using EMS Software

300 - We have several staff who use EMS as a requester and less that use it to manage space, resources or staff. We use it in our Department called Notre Dame Studios. We manage space , ghost rooms and services. The campus uses it for room reservations. A new department on campus that manages events is getting set up to use it as well.
4 - It does require training to use EMS especially if you are using it a little differently then other people. The 4 people in the answer above is from my department only.
  • Registrar controlled rooms for classes
  • Events
  • Services
  • By creating Ghost rooms, so you can book a service even though it was intended to for rooms.
  • A lot more services on campus would be able to use EMS, if it had a little better invoicing piece. Bulk should mean a mail merge not one by one emails to clients.
This decision is not up to one individual. I would say the University would most likely renew it if there are improvements and upgrades when things are outdated.

Evaluating EMS Software and Competitors

  • Product Features
I believe it was originally selected for the registrar classrooms the product works very well for that use. We use it for a service and it can be a bit more complex and not as easy for us at times.
Get more users of the product involved in the evaluation. Explore what it does that we currently don't use it for. Compare similar products accordingly.

EMS Software Implementation

EMS is very detailed in a lot of ways but then in other ways there are not enough options.
Yes - We worked with a consultant who setup all the steps to get us going.

EMS Software Support

I am not usually the one who makes large change requests but I would say my questions do get addressed.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success

Using EMS Software

A lot of the time it works well for us but it can be very challenging
Technical support not required
Feel confident using
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Booking a room.
  • specific room details
  • gathering info on requester
  • process templates
  • Managing Services
  • Invoicing multiple clients--email or mail merge needed
  • Lack of desktop client for Mac, we access with microsoft remote desktop, constantly freezes up
  • Managing room schedules, you can only manage close times for a building not by room.