Excellent Analytics Tool
June 09, 2016

Excellent Analytics Tool

José Rafael Parr | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Engagio (legacy)

Overall Satisfaction with Engagio

Engagio is our account-based analytics platform. We use it to understand the impact our marketing has on our target accounts, so that we can have a better conversation with our sales team. Right now, Engagio is primarily being used by Marketing & Sales, though we also have users in our Alliances team and Customer Success.
  • Personally, the best part about Engagio is the lead-to-account matching it provides. Engagio identifies which of the accounts in your Salesforce a lead would belong to if it were a contact, and then it lets you either auto-convert or write account-level data to the lead (like account owner or number of open opportunities). This opens up a wealth of possibilities in our MAP, as well as makes reporting a lot easier.
  • Something else that's been surprising to me was the rate of sales adoption. Our sales team loves the views Engagio provides into how their accounts are engaging with our marketing content, website, and so on. It's great when you get a tool like this and don't then need to sell it internally.
  • As a fairly new product, Engagio is still changing a lot, and I've been very impressed by how quickly the development team can receive feedback, turn around, and make changes to the product. I've had feature requests implemented in a matter of hours.
  • Engagio is a very new platform, and there are some features I would really like to have, which I understand are coming. For my company, it's totally usable as-is, but it's important to understand that the following don't exist in the tool right now:
  • Single Sign-on support.
  • More advanced permissions than just admin/user
  • Ability to rename account lists
  • Ability to save report filters
  • Ability to change which account a lead matched to, if you identify that the automatic matching failed
  • My company sells very large software solutions, with a months-long sales cycle and often over a dozen decision makers in each account. The out-of-the-box reporting that we got from Salesforce and Marketo made talking to sales about these accounts difficult. We were looking at individual people and they were looking at a large organization. Engagio helps us speak the same language, and more importantly, it's helped Marketing align our goals to the things sales cares about.
LeanData was the only alternative that we evaluated. They had a similar lead-to-account match functionality, and it looked like it would work as well as what Engagio could do. This was the primary feature we were looking at from them, and they did have a larger "suite" of functionality that we didn't review. However, the cost for the LeanData's lead-to-account match was not much less than the full Engagio suite, with all the additional analytics, so it was a fairly easy choice.
Engagio is best suited for companies that have long sales cycles, dealing with large accounts with multiple decision makers. In these cases, it really sings, letting you see what everyone at those accounts, regardless of whether they're contacts or leads in Salesforce, are interacting with.

I don't think Engagio would make much sense for a company that has quick sales cycles with relatively few decision makers. Salesforce's out-of-the-box reporting is probably sufficient in those cases.

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