Engagor's Glitches Can Lead to Trust Issues
Updated February 05, 2014

Engagor's Glitches Can Lead to Trust Issues

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My company uses Engagor as a general Internet listening and monitoring tool for its brands, which run from local nonprofits to The Coca-Cola Company properties. We use Engagor on a daily basis to tag/categorize mentions of our brands, with particular emphasis on sentiment analysis as well as indirect mentions of each brand. Only my department -- the Content Department at our advertising agency -- actively uses Engagor on a daily basis, but the listening and analytics aspect of the platform is used to present our agency capabilities across consumer categories. We also use Engagor as our primary source for reporting metrics about our brands to our clients on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Automatic translation for several languages across Internet mentions-- extremely helpful when working on brands with a global/multicultural community base. During our initial demo of Engagor in December 2012 we were told the translation was very similar to Google Translate.
  • Provides a very clear teamwork process within the platform. We haven't actively used it to its fullest extent, as we are a relatively small content department, but having poked around in the workflow section it does seem the project management aspect would be incredibly useful for larger teams (especially ones with more junior employees tasked with very public communication).
  • The Engagor team has been very prompt and easy to work with when issues arise with the platform. We began working with them in the beginning of 2013, before they had opened their U.S. office, but I was very pleased at their customer service despite our time zone difference (Engagor is based in Europe).
  • While it's not perfect, the automated tagging aspect of Engagor has proven to be extremely helpful. It's still worth a double-check to confirm no false positives or false negatives, as it were, but on the whole this feature has saved my team a lot of time on monthly/annual reporting.
  • The UX is pretty clunky. Engagor only loads about 10 mentions per page, so if my team is behind on tagging/mention resolution by a couple of days, for a global brand that can mean an extra week of work. Would be much easier if the user could choose how many mentions show up on their screen.
  • Over the year we have had issues with Engagor's glitches. For example, the user has the capability to publish to a platform (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) through Engagor as the brand. For a couple of the brands we work on, Engagor would show the update as published as one brand, but would actually publish as another. As an agency that handles social media content/community management for several very large brands, we cannot afford to have accidental status updates despite the author's efforts. This happened several times over the course of our experience with Engagor, to a point that we had to forego this feature for those brands and publish natively through the platform.
  • It has definitely skewed reporting numbers more than once -- for a set time period (i.e. 30 days, our typical monthly reporting period), the stats for a platform will appear very different from how they display on the native platform itself. For example, on occasion Engagor would load numbers from a Facebook fan count during a 30-day period that did not at all match up with the numbers Facebook showed me. This also applies to the number of overall mentions of a brand/account.
  • There is no immediately clear "undo" feature when resolving a mention. There have been times I have bulk-tagged a set of mentions, set all as resolved and then realized that I had made an error, without a very clear way to revert that action.
  • Double mentions have shown up, skewing numbers and sentiment/tagging analytics.
  • The insights/reporting section could definitely be a little more clear in how it explains metrics (or why the user should care to report these metrics). While we have an analyst on our team who is happy to explain these terms, I can see how some of them would not be intuitive at all to a user who doesn't live and breathe social media analytics. Also, the line graphs can be very difficult to read and parse. If the user downloads a line graph to their desktop from Engagor, it doesn't necessarily show all of the information you need, making it necessary to screengrab rather than downloading a higher-quality visual.
  • Due to the strength of Engagor's aggregation, it has made community management an easier task for my team. It is very quick in pulling mentions, which helps our community managers respond to consumer issues immediately even if the consumer did not directly reference the brand's social account.
  • The data we're able to pull from Engagor has helped us win new business to some degree on the strength of our reporting. Clients have been impressed with the competitive analysis as well as the ability to track their consumer climate.
  • The capability for a whole team to work simultaneously on different brands in Engagor, even with some members of the team in remote offices, has helped employee efficiency and accountability. Anyone from our team can go into the platform and see who's published what or resolved a mention when, and can easily refer back to that history. It's made it simple for other community managers to assist with listening/tagging even when it's not "their" account.
  • Some of Engagor's glitches have led to incorrect authorship on brand platforms as well as tardy reports if the platform isn't cooperating. This has been an issue over the course of the year, affecting our overall trust in the platform to deliver factual information.
We used a product prior to 2012 called Looxii that is no longer available. We went with Engagor primarily out of necessity, but also because it delivered more for our business/client objectives within our budget than the other products we demo'd. Our selection base was around 10-15 other products, but we were impressed with Engagor's look, feel, and capability.
Engagor provides a reporting structure that is not difficult to use for the savvy user. It's been very easy to input new accounts/brands/competitive information, which has been very useful in a last-minute grab of information for new business capabilities presentations or an off-the-cuff competitive analysis for a client. The Dashboard feature is incredibly useful for this of-the-moment need for metrics, as you can customize to reflect the metrics you need at a moment's notice. I would say the reporting/analysis aspect of Engagor is in many ways much stronger than its mention aggregation.

In selecting Engagor, we were most concerned with the availability/helpfulness of customer service (our previous listening/monitoring tool was very understaffed in this regard), multi-functionality (ability to publish, tag, and report within one platform), and user experience/workflow for a growing team that is rapidly acquiring new accounts to track. Translation capability was also a factor as a couple of our brands have a multicultural community base.

I think a large team would find Engagor very effective for team communication and publishing history, but I would hesitate to recommend the product to those larger teams working on massive global brands, simply due to the nature of glitches we've experienced by using this platform.

Using Clarabridge (discontinued)

9 - Content analytics, content management and creation on social media channels, social media community managers, social media content strategists.
We have renewed with Engagor on a month-to-month basis. In my experience some of the glitches Engagor experiences are too risky for some of the large brands my team handles. We want to use a listening/monitoring tool that we can trust as this service is something the company uses every single day. For our budget, as well, we would like to have more data space for search, as we do new business presentations quite frequently. When auditing new business social platforms, we like to give them a look at the competitive landscape on social, which can take up a lot of space for business that may not even come to fruition.

I've updated this review to reflect that I am no longer in a role that regularly collects social media data or compiles reports, so I defer to my colleagues for an official recommendation on listening tools or other channels that might perform the same service as Engagor.