Simple and easy, great for simple needs.
October 18, 2017

Simple and easy, great for simple needs.

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Overall Satisfaction with Survicate

We use this widget on our knowledge base site, where documentation and support articles reside. The widget is the main channel for customers to submit feedback, comments and questions regarding the content of our knowledge base. The comments are then assigned for review and any action that might be needed, to different teams in the company, depending on the page (subject) where the feedback was submitted.
  • IMO, the strengths of feedback lite is what it is called for - 'lite"... it is basic, simple, and easy to set up and use.
  • Especially should be mention that it is easy to set up, and you can have it working in less than a few hours.
  • Reliable - I don't remember even one "problem" or an issue we experienced with it.
  • So the other side of the simplicity, is the lack of options... options of feedback forms, design, and reporting. It should be said that all the mentioned (feedback forms, customization of the design etc.) ARE available, but you maybe feeling their limitation, at some point.
  • Especially what we are missing, is better integration with CRM or at least, common ticketing systems. Feedback Lite IS NOT a ticketing system nor task management system , so integration with such (Salesforce, in our case) would be great. At the moment we are using the CSV export, and manually loading the file to SF.
  • We had a case of feedback mistakenly deleted - before copied to other system - and by that, they got lost. we asked support for help, and their final answer was that it is impossible to restore the deleted answers. so we were idiots, but it turned that the tool isn't idiot friendly, at that point.
  • We had a business need - to collect feedback on our support knowledge base content. Feedback Lite fulfills this need, with simple, easy to use, solution.
Considering the simplicity of the need, and the cost of such solution (~600$/yr), I don't think there was very deep research for any alternatives. The main alternative was embedding a feedback tool "organically" into our site, that option was taken off the table, for strategic considerations.
Scenarios where Feedback Lite is well suited:
  • when one needs to set up a tool rapidly, without going into too much customization, configuration and such.
  • if you don't need to much processing and analyzing of the data, but only a basic level.
Scenarios where it is less appropriate:
  • where feedback collected requires individual followup (e.g. you collect free text feedback, which are actually questions, complaints and such).

Survicate Feature Ratings

Survey templates
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Survey logic flexibility
Response tracking
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Custom reports
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Vendor-offered crowdsourcing
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Using Survicate

5 - 
  1. Info' Sys' team: they are responsible for building the web site where Feedback Lite is being used. so they set up the widget on that site, including liaising with Feedback Lite
  2. IT support - it is their responsibility to download responses from Feedback Lite admin' , and load them to our Salesforce, as cases.
  3. Content publishing teams (documentation, training team etc.) - at the end of the day, they receive the feedback collected by Feedback Lite, and handling as tasks.
1 - We have an Info Sys analyst, responsible for different organizational solutions (software and services) .
  • Customers consuming technical knowledge about our products, and want to alert about missing/wrong/unclear content, or would like to ask questions.
  • Create support cases (in our CRM - Salesforce) - for each feedback received.
  • We are looking into better automation/integration with the CRM.
  • we will consider the Rating survey (customers satisfaction with our knowledgbase), in addition to collecting textual feedbacks.
Only if we will really consider other features, we might end up with an alternative tool. if will continue the business process as it is, I don't anticipate migrating to another product.