Need a reliable, in-expensive database? BigQuery is here to help!
May 08, 2019

Need a reliable, in-expensive database? BigQuery is here to help!

Sam Lepak | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Google BigQuery

Our marketing team and product development team BigQuery. This is my favorite software for storing information in the cloud, I use it both personally and at work and I recommend it because it has allowed me to access my information very quickly, so far it seems to me that security is very good and not I have had problems with this aspect, although it can work very slow when the Internet connection is not very good, it allows to resume file uploads instead of restarting them every time the signal decreases.
  • How many pros can a person type? This storage program gives workers and students the reality of unlimited storage space. I have never came close to overfilling my google cloud storage because it's huge and the best. I can view anything I save on there from any of my internet devices which is very important.
  • Depending on how you have the program set up - either online or through an application that lives on your desktop, dragging and dropping files to and from Cloud Storage couldn't be any more uncomplicated. Plus, new users who meet certain criteria - like updating personal security, or share the program receive additional free online storage.
  • The array of tools is very impressive, intuitive to use, and well organized in the sense that you don't have to go looking for individual apps. They're all easily accessed via a single dropdown.
  • One issue with Google Cloud Storage is its price. For one to have that premium Google Cloud Storage, for the purpose of massive storage, he/she must have adequate cash. Otherwise, Google Cloud Storage is a safe and perfect online storage platform.
  • The only thing that can come to mind that would be annoying with this software was that sometimes when trying to share files on the Cloud with coworkers, it would just not share at all, or there would be a massive delay in when I shared them and when they received them. Other than that though, everything is perfect with this.
  • Pricing has been very reasonable for us. The first 10 GB of storage is free each month and costs start at 2 cents per GB per month after that. For example, if you store 1 terabyte (TB) for a month, then the cost would be $20. Streaming data inserts start at 1 cent per 200 megabytes (MBs). The first 1 TB of queries is free, with additional analysis at $5 per TB thereafter. Meta data operations are free.
  • Big Query helps reduce the bar for data analytics, ML and AI. BQ takes care of mundane tasks and streamlines for easy data processing, consumption. The most impressive thing is the ML and AI integration as SQL functions, so the need for moving data around is minimized.
  • The visuals of ML models is very helpful to fine tune training, model building and prediction, etc.
Google's Firebase isn't a competitor but we had to use Google's BigQuery because Google's Firebase's database is limited compared to Google's BigQuery. Linking your Firebase project to BigQuery lets you access your raw, unsampled event data along with all of your parameters and user properties. Highly recommend connecting the two if you have a mobile app.
I recommend this platform for wide range of customers that have not super tight budget for their application hosting but want to stay away from bunch of low-level details of running and maintenance of application infrastructure. Google BigQuery is easy to use and its interface is very nice, it also has a wide range of servers, which makes its services are excellent. This software has allowed me to easily access my files and share them quickly and efficiently, it also allows other activities while loading and downloading files, therefore saving a lot of time compared to other similar applications.

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