HelpSpot all the Way!
July 10, 2014

HelpSpot all the Way!

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Overall Satisfaction with HelpSpot

For my organization, HelpSpot was used by our department in order to better organize our customers. It allowed our entire team to receive tickets from these customers, respond within a timely manner, and continue conversations with the same customers. Prior to using HelpSpot, we relied solely on Microsoft Outlook for these functions, which proved to be more time-consuming and inefficient.
  • HelpSpot was great for organization. Having different queues allowed each of my team members to organize their conversations with the customer and quickly retrieve the history of the ticket.
  • HelpSpot is a fairly simple tool that has a friendly user interface. With it's more modern look, it made it easier for me personally to navigate and train team members on how to use it successfully.
  • HelpSpot allowed our team to view the responses section, which allowed our team to cut down on the time we spent responding to a ticket.
  • HelpSpot could use some improvement in the verbiage it provides for it's users. Words such as "closed" or "submitted" did not resonate with some of my team members who were not as familiar with the technology. It made it difficult for them to see the bridge between "submitted" and "send" among other similar language.
  • HelpSpot would be much more user friendly if the user could have folders within their queue to organize different emails that may need to remain in the queue for a longer period of time. There were times when we had to leave a ticket open and it would float around all of the other open tickets in the queue, which could sometimes cause confusion.
  • HelpSpot could benefit from having more thorough training sessions for it's users. Our team went through a training session with our tech team, which left many of our team members feeling overwhelmed. HelpSpot needs to be sure to go through some of the basics before it dives into all of it's capabilities.
  • HelpSpot allowed us to cut down on the amount of time we spent on each email, freeing up our time to complete other activities.
  • HelpSpot greatly increased the quality of our customer service. By using the response tool, we were able to quickly paste a response with the necessary information and then edit it to cater to the customer's personal needs.
  • HelpSpot changed the attitudes of the team members. It was certainly a change for our team, and a hurdle at times, but the team was able to successfully complete training and accomplish their goals with HelpSpot. This changed the way the team viewed their abilities in a positive way.
  • Microsoft Outlook
HelpSpot's capabilities certainly exceed those of Microsoft Outlook. With the organizational functions and HTML expertise, it allowed our team to complete tasks that were not even achievable with our prior system. It was a great product that I know that company is still using today and, to my knowledge, has no plans to replace any time soon!
My current job does not use this platform as it is not necessary for my job function.
Our main reason for switching to HelpSpot was because of the numerous amount of tickets we received each day. We absolutely needed a tool that would allow us to better organize these tickets and really hold my peers accountable for their share of the workload. If this is the case for other organizations, I would definitely encourage them to review HelpSpot to see if they would also find value in using it.