Hitachi is a one-stop-shop for focused VMware and Cloud Data solutions.
February 28, 2019

Hitachi is a one-stop-shop for focused VMware and Cloud Data solutions.

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Overall Satisfaction with Hitachi Enterprise Cloud

We brought in Pentaho a few years ago as part of a bake-off of BI Tools, and while they ultimately lost to Qlik Sense, we were surprised to find a small department within our company that took the licenses we acquired for the bake-off and grew a steady but small BI platform that supported their functional customers. Since then it has gone through a few transformations and expanded to include the Hitachi Enterprise Cloud tools. Basically, our Supply Chain department is using it to interact with Suppliers to track waste, back ordered materials, and damaged goods, building a micro-cloud environment that is small and directed.
  • It fills a niche that was needed before we as a company fully embraced the cloud with Azure. It was a great introduction to the cloud and there are some features I wish were more readily available with some of our Azure tools. Staying on top of your expenses is much harder without the transparency Hitachi provides.
  • It allows the small team managing it to simplify cloud operations using prebuilt computing and storage templates. Very easy to monitor, manage and optimize cloud operations.
  • Pre-Engineered, turnkey solutions with prebuilt services make it quick and easy to select the service needed for each app. With many different suppliers, we cater to many different connectors.
  • Their ability to offer a public cloud solution that feels like a private cloud solution is a great feature, but not one that is easily understood outside of someone using the tool. I think they need more training and marketing around what they can do for cloud-native development.
  • I think they are lacking a solution to play in other playgrounds easily. Many of their offerings are better than what Azure provides, so I think there is room for them to leverage Azure size with customized, personalized features.
  • They really need something big to set them apart from the larger players in this space. I think of Snowflake with their amazing pricing model and the “oops!” button that undoes serious accidental deletes. Something like that would grow the user base and make it a major player.
  • The positive pricing aspect has been with the rate card and compute pricing transparency, being better able to manage the budget.
  • It is a small solution for us, so we are probably not realizing the potential savings we could get by rolling all our corporate cloud work into a single solution, but it is also good to keep multiple irons in the fire, so to speak.
  • The implementation has done very well in a small, controlled atmosphere. So while the ROI may not have been as high as we’d like to see, the success of the project has made it valuable none the less.
Hitachi Enterprise Cloud is a pleasant surprise, offering better management and control of your cloud containers and VMware. It is a platform and contains all you need to get going, so there is great appeal in smaller companies and isolated divisions/departments in larger companies. If I were managing a small group with a specific endpoint I would no doubt choose a solution like this, but being a large corporation we tend to drive towards larger solutions with internal competencies to support those larger roll-outs.
1) If you are gathering lots of data from many different points and transforming that data into something customized, and you need it secure yet accessible, this is a great option.
2) If you are looking for a platform and not just a service provider, this would be a great option. As a platform, there is a one-stop-shop feeling that gets you some better customer service and performance. But it also locks you into one provider, so don’t jump in if you feel like you’ll want a lot of flexibility.
3) Building or running VMware is really what this platform is all about. If you’re creating an app drawing from some complex data/sources, it’s an easier go with this tool than most others.

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Feature Ratings

Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptime
Dynamic scaling
Elastic load balancing
Pre-configured templates
Monitoring tools
Pre-defined machine images
Operating system support
Security controls