Hyrell - Perfect for Small Businesses
March 05, 2015

Hyrell - Perfect for Small Businesses

Amanda Corey | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Hyrell

Hyrell has served as an excellent solution in our organizations efforts to centralize and streamline our recruitment efforts. We have a central headquarters in NY, however most of the hiring we do is for our field staff who work from remote offices throughout the country. Prior to launching with Hyrell, hiring efforts were disorganized and difficult to manage at the centralized level, with each regional manager being in charge of their HR efforts in their state. Now, we have an easy-to-use, data-rich source where we can effectively manage the hiring process for our remote locations, ensure consistency and branding for all HR efforts, oversee and manage remote hiring managers and applicant flow, and gain valuable insight into our overall applicant/onboarding process. Hyrell has also greatly improved the quality of our candidates, allowing us to include detailed pre-qualifying questions and a written interview with our application process. The position we post is very unique and we did not have much luck using other platforms - we were spending way more for recruitment each month because in order to reach the quality candidates we had to bring in much higher quantities of mostly unqualified candidates. The time and budget saved as a result to bringing on Hyrell has significantly improved our overall business, and the support we receive is excellent. Our managers regularly attend the weekly open office hour for training and support and my account representative, Jeremy, regularly checks in to make sure our business needs are being met and provides excellent feedback and instructions whenever there is a question.
  • Highly customize-able - our business is very unique and Hyrell allows us to customize all aspects of the applicant process easily and effectively.
  • Support - Hyrell provides quick, easy-to-understand, and personalized support for all of the managers we have currently using the system.
  • Easy to use - a lot of our managers do not have any experience with ATS systems and are not particularly tech-savvy, however they all say the system has improved their hiring efforts.
  • The main issue I have with the system is that in order for a template update to take effect, it has to be re-posted (at least that's the process as I understand it.) For example, I have updated one of our existing job templates to include a new hard skill question. The template is posted in over 50 locations and in order for this update to go into effect, I have to manually re-post these positions which can be very time consuming. If there was a way to automatically update a posting with template changes it would be a huge help to our business.
  • Increased employee efficiency - regional managers are no longer bogged down with large volumes of unqualified candidates, we now have quick insight into applicant quality.
  • Budget Savings - The centralization and inclusion of major job board subscriptions with Hyrell has drastically reduced our HR spending.
  • Increased correspondence with candidates throughout the application process - now, our managers are able to communicate with and acknowledge applicants with one click, keeping them from losing interest and falling off throughout the process. Previously, managers did not have the bandwidth to do so.
Pricing was more reasonable, interface was more user-friendly and had all of the features we were looking for in an ATS system, and representatives were less pushy and more focused on meeting business needs.
I am not an HR expert, however the recruitment process has recently been given to me as a part of our marketing and communications efforts. As someone who is not a seasoned professional in the hiring process, Hyrell has been a godsend. It allows me to manage the process and screen applicants very easily, provides automated templates for different stages throughout the hiring process, and offers great reporting options to gain insight into the effectiveness of our efforts. For these reasons, I would say Hyrell is particularly well-suited for a small business where employees may have to wear several hats and may not necessarily be HR professionals.

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