A Very Satisfied Customer reveiw of the Hyrell On-Line Application System
Updated March 24, 2015

A Very Satisfied Customer reveiw of the Hyrell On-Line Application System

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Overall Satisfaction with Hyrell

We began using the Hyrell system as a test to acquire qualified applicants for our job posting. Since the fist usage some four years ago, we have found that not only does Hyrell provide a very good source of applicants, the Hyrell system provides very good legal protection for Title Seven Law, for the using company. We currently have about 30 job postings on the Hyrell system for our five locations. Many of this job postings remain active due to the auto refresh feature of Hyrell. Since we began using the Hyrell system we have been able to allow the applicant to perform a self screening. Some applicants begin the process and self withdraw after filling out some of the application. This cuts down on the number of applicants one may need to review.
  • Well, the first thing is the Hyrell system server has never failed us. It runs twenty (24) hours per day and seven (7) days per week without issue.
  • The library of job descriptions developed by the Hyrell staff was a seamless fit to our company. Most, if not all, were a perfect for us and have not been changed since we began.
  • We had an applicant file an EEOC charge against us. The main body of the defenses was the data provided by Hyrell. Hyrell provided all the data on the twenty-five applicants and along with our managers following our hiring process we were able to prevail in the EEOC Charge.
  • Since we began with Hyrell it has been apparent that the company has a continuos improvement mentality. They have consistently made little changes to improve the process and when they do my representative contacts me and informs me of what has changed, and how it should make my job more efficient.
  • Hyrell has been working for the past two (2) years on a Major upgrade to their system. Notice, it has been tested for a good period of time before Hyrell rolls it out. That is an example of how the company puts their customers first. Oh, they could be like many software company and not really care about the end user, but that is not the case with Hyrell.
  • If one uses the internet and the vast number of websites available, one will not find a major issue with Hyrell. It is a very user friendly package.
  • There are a good number of online application companies, but from our experience, few provide the level of sophistication and performance at the same or similar cost of Hyrell.
  • The recent improvements announced by Hyrell in the upgraded will improve Hyrell and the end user will benefit as a result of these improvements. Note: The improvements were seen first by the team at Hyrell and they got on it. The recent demonstration was without issue and I look forward to using it.
  • One strong benefit is for the administrator. Many of those functions have been streamlined and some have been expanded for more authorization.
As stated before
in a previous question. I get a good number of competing companies calling me
each month attempting to obtain our company as a partner. When I explain to the
caller, that we currently use the Hyrell System, they generally say, “Well, we
may be able to give you a better deal.” Then when I go into a bit more detail
and explain how satisfied I am with the Hyrell System they say… “I understand,”
and they hang up!
If one actively listens during the initial courtship with the Hyrell representatives, and one clearly states one's needs, then one should find the work performed by the Hyrell team to be similar to our experiences, that is, a seamless move to the Hyrell Online Application System and the marriage will be of benefit!

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Job Requisition Management
Company Website Posting
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Job Search Site Posting
Customized Application Form
Resume Management
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
Candidate Search
Applicant Tracking
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Email Templates
User Permissions
Notifications and Alerts

Using Hyrell

Sales, Service, Accounting, Body Shop. Parts, Detail, BDC, F&I.
In our case it is only one. Our HR Director is also our IT Director.
  • Legally worded questions.
  • Legally kept records.
  • Quick Response to any concerns.
  • Consistent Hiring Process.
  • Ease in submitting Ads to Third Parties.
  • Ease in advising potential applicant on how to apply for a job with our company.
  • Keep using Hyrell in the same or similar manner as we currently use Hyrell.
No Issues, and again, the Hyrell folks have lived up to what they said they would do at the beginning!

Evaluating Hyrell and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
I was looking for a way to make our hiring process more streamlined and still comply with the legal requirements of employment.
I would not change a thing!

Hyrell Implementation

Not really, they showed us what would take place. Went through a webinar. And then turned the switch on! It worked!
  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house
Yes - 

Phase one:. We did not have it.

Phase two: We discussed it.

Phase three: We tested it on one job posting.

Phase four: We GOT IT!

Change management was a minor issue with the implementation - Applicants were prescreened with the use of Hyrell.

Hyrell Training

It worked well!

Configuring Hyrell

It worked well for us. No major issue at all.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code

Hyrell Support

They have yet to let me know when a service call has been initiated.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - Never needed it!
Yes, as stated in a previous question. The support given by the Hyrell Team during our EEOC Charge Investigation was exceptional, and the benefit of such support was our ability to prevail in the charge.

Using Hyrell

It is NOT OFTEN that one gets in marriage what one is promised in courtship. Our business relationship with Hyrell has proven to be on sound footing, as Hyrell lives up to what they state in their first meeting with a potential business partner.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The selection of a Job Description
  • The posting of a Job
  • The Virtual Scoring of an applicant

Hyrell Reliability

It has never failed.
It has never failed.
Meets our expectations.

Relationship with Hyrell

Lisa Hellene has been an outstanding business partner!