SPSS is versatile, user-friendly, and robust!
June 22, 2018

SPSS is versatile, user-friendly, and robust!

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Overall Satisfaction with IBM SPSS

We use SPSS to analyze data and generate information for reports. We use it to facilitate communication with contacts. Our department is one of the only ones in the organization using SPSS.


  • SPSS creates helpful output that can be adapted for producing report and presentation content.
  • SPSS allows the novice to use drop-down menus and the expert to use syntax. It also helps novices become experts by allowing you to paste and adapt syntax to meet needs.
  • SPSS has a wide variety of analytical techniques that are available in the statistical package. It is user-friendly.


  • A visual presentation of output in SPSS is lacking. I would never use graphs and charts as they appear in SPSS output unless I had no other alternative.
  • If I am working from a file that is located on a networked drive and I leave the network, SPSS frequently crashes.
  • SPSS is a large application that consumes significant resources. Especially if certain errors are present in complex and lengthy syntax, SPSS can take several minutes to process, even on a top-tier computer system.
It's impossible to tell how much time we are saving by using SPSS. I can't imagine any process or software that could function as efficiently or effectively and accomplish the set of tasks that we accomplish by using SPSS. SPSS is extremely versatile and adaptable. New hires immediately get immersed in SPSS, they learn quickly, and they continue to learn throughout their experience in the organization. SPSS facilitates productivity at all stages of one's developing abilities in research.
We have been able to evaluate the effectiveness of multiple product alternatives designed to serve communities and groups of people throughout the world. As we discover the most effective methods of serving the people and uncover the greatest opportunities for improvement (through our use of SPSS), we provide information that helps in the process of making informed and inspired decisions.
SPSS is easier to navigate, more visually intuitive, and more user-friendly. It might not handle the volume of data that SAS can handle. But 99% of the projects I would be involved with, SPSS handles with flying colors.
SPSS is useful in analyzing quantitative data to evaluate relationships among variables or groups of variables, to evaluate group differences in individual variables or groups of variables, to evaluate the psychometric properties of a measure or item, to manipulate and process data for use in reports and articles, to document analytical processes, and creating easily digestible analysis output. I use it in studies with thousands of participants responding to hundreds of questions. It enhances my ability to manage and use data.


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