A Comprehensive review of IBM Watson Assistant based on our experience using it in our products
Updated August 30, 2022

A Comprehensive review of IBM Watson Assistant based on our experience using it in our products

Jainal Gosaliya | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with IBM watsonx Assistant

We at ActiveBuildings have used IBM Watson for our customer end side. We have a tool that lets the users book an appointment for air quality testing and it requires many inputs and answers to questions from the customers for an optimal understanding. The problem we solved with IBM Watson Assistant was building follow-up questions and customer query understanding from the inputs of the customers and it was a colossal improvement based on our internal satisfaction surveys.
  • Query Understanding. Natural Language Understanding
  • Fast, smart and Accurate
  • Customizable on our own data
  • Hiqhly pluggable with existing tools and infrastructure
  • Cost Effective
  • merger of other IBM Watson products like speech and image recognition is required
  • Payment plans for early startups
  • Self hosted onprem version
  • Complete Automation of taking support requests
  • Fast resolution of customer queries using our products
  • QNA on top our own Knowledge base
As a developer, integrating this into our code base was a piece of cake due to the excellent programming library support and SDK support for a wide variety of frameworks. From the marketing time, pov using and building the intents and answers from the dashboard was straightforward and didn't require additional training and research. I would also appreciate the documentation was precise and lucid. So, it was pretty clear for us to integrate and boost our business with all its needs through IBM Watson Assistant.
So, from our buisness point of view we required a solution which build a follow up system based on the customer's answers. This was not a simple IFTT (if this than that) task and required a smart and accurate NLU (natural language understanding) based system which is accurate and customizable. This solution should be trainable and the intent recognition and the named entity recognition and text classification should be very broad and is able to categorize the customer queries into many broad categories for our internal use case.

All the things mentioned above was possible by using the IBM Watson Assistant. As for the improvements part earlier we used a simple internally developed chat based system and we have to then manually assign a support person whose sole job was to book a support request based on the customer query this was totally automated using IBM Watson Assistant. The customer experience was enhanced as due to the rate of booking a request was improved and was quick as compared to earlier.
  • Dialogflow
This part of the review might be not as comprehensive as we haven't done a deep comparison. For our internal use cases, we are already using IBM Watson APIs for speech, text, and image recognition in our products. So it kind of makes sense to continue using the IBM Watson suite of products and our response till now is quite satisfactory with all of the services. Although we still had a little experience trying out Google's Dialogflow for our use case and here is my complete assessment based on our needs.

We found that IBM watsonx's prebuilt frontend GUI is a better alternative and Dialogflow didn't have such options.

Due to the multilingual feature of Dialogflow, it sometimes confused some parts of customers' queries with something else and we didn't need the multilingual part as our use case was English only.

The NLP and machine learning part of IBM watsonx was more broad and accurate than Dialogflow.

The integration with other services was more straightforward and broad in IBM watsonx Assistant.

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Best suited for QNA-based bots and support request bots. I had experience using other tools and tech but I can vouch that no other bots are as intelligent and better suited for enterprise needs as IBM Watson. This is simply because of the IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding and the level of integrations that can be done with it. Based on our internal surveys, the customer satisfaction response with this tech on top of our products is excellent. I still believe that areas, where it requires multimodal needs like automating docs, images, and voice with all the natural language understanding, are still not inclusive and can be added to the product.