Honest iMIS Review
April 11, 2017

Honest iMIS Review

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Overall Satisfaction with iMIS

I currently use iMIS to hold our organization's website, membership database, and event management [information]. It has not been easy using iMIS. Sometimes, we will send an email and it will not go out to members. Other times we are making changes to the website that either take too long to publish or do not publish at all. We have a challenging time pulling together queries from the database. Nothing is really simple. It is a great concept to have a one-stop-shop, however, it has not been functioning well for us.
  • One-stop-shop. I love that we have one system that will track our income, manage membership, email contacts, manage our website and pull reports.
  • Response time on support tickets. Whenever I have a problem using iMIS, I can either log into their support site to submit a help ticket or send it directly from my email account. Someone normally responds to me within the hour and then I will get a solution within the day no matter the time of day I submit the ticket.
  • Easy to use widgets. I love using widgets to pull a page together. They have slideshow widgets that use on a daily basis. There are also forum widgets and widgets to pull an already created query to a page you choose to display this information on.
  • Emailing. Sometimes our emails do not go through and all fail. I would like for some sort of alert to occur when these situations happen. We normally get a response from our members about them not receiving the information we have promised them.
  • Queries. An easier way to build queries would be nice. It is super confusing trying to determine which fields to pull from. When asking for help, they state that we will be charged by the hour to get a basic query created. It's a little obnoxious.
  • Dynamic pages. I would like more attractive homepage templates. Current templates are not very attractive or dynamic. Also, page publishing is a major problem.
  • Limited PayPal Integration. We were initially under the impression that when a payment was placed through the iMIS site, then the payments along with the iMIS codes would go through to PayPal. This is far from the truth. We always have to do extra work to pull a report from iMIS and then also from PayPal since the codes do not transfer over. It would be great for us if this could change in the near future.
  • We have had a number of emails to our members never reach their recipients. This has caused problems in terms of our members not getting information on time.
  • We put in time and effort daily to make changes to our website. Sometimes, these are changes that must occur on behalf of a member of our association. People are expecting to see new postings and information, however, if the page does not post for us it leaves us looking unprofessional and unprepared.
  • We have had several delays in book keeping due to reports not matching income in our accounts. It would be great if iMIS could integrate account codes into PayPal automatically.
  • Podi
We were unable to have an attractive site for our association when using Podi. iMIS is much more equipped to handle the different pages and links we list on our website. Although Podi lacks in attractiveness, iMIS lacks in the department of providing easy reporting options and PayPal integration. When we had Podi, we were able to submit payments through our site along with the accounting codes automatically. However, now that we use iMIS, it is harder to get the accounting correct. None of the accounting codes transfer over into PayPal. We always have to go back and double-check the numbers.
iMIS is great for membership associations who need one place. I love their contact database, I just wish we could pull reports easily from their system and publishing would not freeze when making changes to our website. Everything that does work correctly is really easy to set up.