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iMIS Engagement Management System, NetForum by Community Brands, Daxko Operations, ThreeSixty by Personify, MemberClicks, WildApricot by Personify, Nimble AMS by Community Brands, 123 Signup Association Manager, YourMembership by Community Brands and Fonteva Membership.

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Neon CRM

Neon CRM is a constituent management platform designed for nonprofits and membership associations. Its relationship-focused system offers a comprehensive view of supporters and members, enabling more engagement and revenue. It can be used to manage fundraising campaigns, events,…

iMIS Engagement Management System

iMIS EMS is an Engagement Management System (EMS) – fusing database management and web publishing into a single system – to drive operational efficiencies, revenue growth, and continuous performance improvement. Harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform, iMIS EMS is…

WildApricot by Personify

Wild Apricot is an association management platform that emphasizes automation of member lifecycle management (i.e. attract, engage, renew), and also assists with receiving online payments and payment processing, and website content and engagement. Wild Apricot was acquired by Personify…

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Daxko Operations

Daxko in Birmingham offers their association management software system, Daxko Operations, which is trained on non-profit issues like cash flow, analytics, and as the name might suggest, operations automation.

ThreeSixty by Personify

Personify360 is a constituent management and engagement (CME) platform with flexible capabilities. The product is presented as ideal for medium to large organizations, and creates a unified view of constituent data across all channels of engagement. Boasting scalability, Personify360…


MemberClicks in Atlanta offers what the company describes as a complete end-to-end AMS, including member database and both application and renewal process document generation and automation.


StarChapter is an AMS from the company of the same name in Maryland, featuring a configurable website with ecommerce, role based permissions and access, and finally member management with dues tracking and collection, and event registration.

GoMembers Enterprise

GoMembers Enterprise association management system is a complete software, services, and support solution for associations and nonprofit organizations of all sizes that are looking to improve member services by streamlining the back office and enhancing front office processes all…

YourMembership by Community Brands

YourMembership in Florida offers an association management solution emphasizing member engagement via design and marketing features, as well as in-depth customer analytics.


Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management and engagement platform designed for professional networks, education/corporate alumni, and nonprofits.

Nimble AMS by Community Brands

Nimble AMS, from Community Brands company NimbleUser, is an association member management software for larger entities, with member portal, order processing and event registration, and other features. NimbleUser also offers Nimble Sync, a platform for integrating association members'…

NetForum by Community Brands

NetForum is a feature-rich association member management system. From member management to credentialing and fundraising, NetForum is an open platform for integrating best-in-class providers.


Billhighway in Troy, Michigan offers an association management solution that focuses on the financial aspect of growth via chapters, and so unifies financial data and automates the fund collection process.

Winorg Express

Winorg Express is Winorg's membership and CRM solution for small and medium-sized Nordic organisations. The solution is subscription-based and delivered over the Web as a cloud service, operated and managed by Winorg. The basic idea behind Winorg Express is automation and self-service.…

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A platform to meet the needs of associations. For association leaders, sociatio offers tools to recruit members, engage with them across multiple channels, and retain their loyalty. The soluton offers 40 integrated apps available with the goal of delivering a premium membership…

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An enterprise workflow SaaS for trade and professional associations that connects members and helps associations build for the nonprofit space. The platform serves as an association's member community, digital trade show hub, and knowledge base. It gives members the tools they need…

bantu Workspace

What is bantu Workspace? bantu Workspace is a cloud-based community management and engagement platform with tools to recruit, organise, and build sustainable and modern communities. The vendor states bantu Workspace has powered the daily work of impact-driven organisations in Singapore,…

Join It
0 reviews

Join It is a membership management service that enables organizations to effectively keep track, manage, and grow their community. At its core, Join It provides a simple database and dashboard interface for organization leaders to monitor developments in their membership. Join It…

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AssoConnect is an all-in-one solution to serve nonprofits' needs. With the needed tools in one place, the vendor states they make nonprofit management simpler. Users can manage a community with a CRM, create membership campaigns, process online payment, send newsletters, design events…

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TOPS Software in Clearwater, Florida offers their association management software, TOPS [ONE], specifically oriented towards making HOAs and condominiums easier to manage financially with process automation and detailed reports at the core of the offering.

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Small company AMO in Minneapolis offers an association management meant to simplify operations in total, and features operational automation, financial report generation, online payment processing, as well as engaging web content.

Association Anywhere AMS

Association Anywhere AMS from ACGI Software in Australia is an association member management software trained on enterprise level association's need for data centralization and scaled productivity, and to that end focuses on organization and operational efficiency and automation.

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TCS Software in Dublin, Ohio offers websuite2, their comprehensive content management custom built for associations needing an AMS system.

Rhythm Software

Rhythm Software offers a configurable association management system that can be tailored to an association’s needs and processes. Rhythm's CRM helps users collect, sort, and view key information with custom processes designed to fit the association. And Rhythm includes a member portal,…

StriveCloud - Online Tournament Platform

About StriveCloudStriveCloud allows brands, sports organizations & agencies to set-up their own esports tournaments for players, influencers or professional gamers. As the tournament organizer, the user owns the data, which can be used for marketing efforts off-platform. The…

Learn More About Association Management

What is Association Management?

Association management software automates membership processing, interactions and oversight for membership organizations. This software offers more than just membership management. It helps organize events, create email marketing campaigns, and supports financial management, fundraising, recruitment, subscriptions, publications, and awards. It is used by clubs, membership-based businesses, nonprofits, trade organizations, professional associations, faith-based organizations, student and alumni associations, organizers, owners, and members.

Association management software includes membership databases, the collection of dues, and payment processing, events registration, member communications, and self-service membership portals. Mobile app and cloud-based software streamline membership activity, allowing members to conveniently join up or renew their membership, update contact information, submit payments, participate in events, access content, and send messages.

Association management software may integrate with or include features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Accounting, and Fundraising platforms.

Association Management Features

Association management platforms will include many of the following features.

  • Membership management
  • Membership database and directory
  • Dues Management - track, process, and record membership dues
  • Online payment processing for dues and membership related products and services
  • Member portal - update member information, make payments, share content
  • Website management - custom forms and web pages
  • Content Management
  • Member communications
  • Event management – organization, registration for events, contests, meetings, conferences
  • Email marketing
  • Fundraising and donation management
  • Financial management
  • Subscription and publication management
  • Certification management
  • Committee management
  • Jobs board
  • Class signups
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics and reporting

Association Management Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing association management software.

Use Case: Some products are tailored for specific types of associations; others will support a wide range of use cases. Depending upon the nature of your organization, certain tools within association management software will be more beneficial for your needs. Nonprofits will seek robust fundraising and donation management tools. Membership-based businesses such as gyms will want to offer convenient app-based portals and payment gateways. Clubs may only require dues management, membership tracking, events registration, and communications features.

Scale: Association management software platforms that offer a suite of several integrated applications are better suited to the needs of larger organizations. A standalone basic membership management application may be sufficient and should be considered by smaller organizations. Association management software is more costly with greater implementation overhead when compared to basic membership software. Depending on your budget and requirements, there is a range of software that will fit your needs.

Pricing Information

Basic association management software starts around $50 a month and can range to over $500 a month. Tier pricing is based on the number of members supported and the type of features provided. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does association management software do?

Association management software is used by membership-based organizations: clubs, businesses, nonprofits, and professional associations. It maintains membership databases, manages dues, collects payments, organizes events, facilitates member communications, creates email marketing campaigns, provides membership portals, and supports recruitment, fundraising, and financial management.

What are the benefits of association management software?

Association management automates membership management enabling your organization to streamline membership administration. It helps grow membership, increases revenue, tracks finances, attracts, engages, and retains members. It improves member communications and increases the effectiveness of fundraising for non-profits. The software facilitates event planning and provides a central membership directory for all membership-related information.

What are the best association management products?

How much does association management software cost?

Tier pricing is based on the number of members supported. Depending on the type of features offered, association management software starts around $50 a month and can range to over $500 a month. Free trials are available.