Ivanti Endpoint Manager - A one-stop solution to your IT patch and inventory needs
Updated January 21, 2021

Ivanti Endpoint Manager - A one-stop solution to your IT patch and inventory needs

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Overall Satisfaction with Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDESK Management Suite)

Ivanti Endpoint Manager is our global solution for inventory, patch management, and software distribution. We also perform remote support activities and are ramping up a central provisioning strategy. Ivanti also ties in to our data warehouse solution and our asset management solution, feeding both with vital information to keep reports and device records up to date.
  • Patch management. You can devise multiple patch strategies, automate patching, and really drive your environment to a secure posture.
  • Software distribution. There are multiple avenues to take when it comes to distributing software, and Ivanti can support many of them. Their interface makes it easy to build packages, and using their distribution methodology, it is efficient in performing rapid mass deployments.
  • Device inventory. Out of the box, Ivanti gathers a lot of information on a device and you can report on nearly anything you want. They also have mechanisms in place to gather additional information from clients that are not standard, enhancing reporting capabilities and allowing you to provide useful data to your customers.
  • Patch reporting. Ivanti is still largely user and device centric when it comes to reports. Reporting on patches is still lacking out of the box. Through other tools, we can take the patch data and build the necessary reports, but we should be able to do this with Ivanti natively.
  • Documentation. While it has improved, Ivanti is still behind on documentation for their products, especially the smaller add-ons to the main suites. Their employees are willing to help teach on different aspects of the product, but a lot of this information should already be included in documentation.
  • Ivanti is allowing us to accomplish more standardization and support as we centralize all IT functions and develop true global standards. Without Ivanti, we would have to use multiple tools and would not be as far along in our project as we currently are.
Both solutions will effectively manage Microsoft patches to devices, but Ivanti goes the extra step. With Ivanti, we can manage third party patches, where SCCM would require a third party solution (like Ivanti, who a lot of SCCM customers use for third party). Ivanti also gives us better capabilities for software deployment, device inventory, and device support. Additionally, we have a small handful of non-Windows devices (Apple, Linux) that we can manage through Ivanti. It is a one stop shop vs. the alternative.

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If you are looking for a complete solution to manage and secure your endpoints, Ivanti is the way to go. Especially great in environments that have multiple sites and are global. If you have a small site (< 20 devices), the cost may not be justified depending on your needs. But for sites with a few hundred devices or more, this is a great arrow in your quiver of solutions to managing your IT needs.

Using Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDESK Management Suite)

2000 - Various IT administrative levels, from your tier 1 service desk representative to the more advanced user site support teams, to enterprise IT level employees. Managers have access to reports. Specialty teams that need specific functions are granted that level of access, so they cannot affect the rest of the organization. There is a lot of flexibility in who we grant access to and what they can do.
4 - Most of my teammates have a working knowledge of Ivanti. They have had some formal training, and understand how to perform the administrative functions when needed. Ivanti has structured itself so even the most novice person can use it. Obviously, the more you use it, the more skills you acquire and more functions you can perform.
  • Provisioning.
  • Patching
  • Inventory
  • Software deployment and baselining
  • Remote Control
  • Provisioning, merging out of the box with customized processes to achieve a robust solution
  • software baselining, finally getting all devices up to a specific level of software to make support easier and uniform.
  • Mobile Management
  • Remote provisioning
We are happy with the results we are getting from our investment. We have formed a good partnership with Ivanti and believe they give us the best opportunity to succeed in our goals.

Evaluating Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDESK Management Suite) and Competitors

Yes - Various. My direct replacement was BigFix. We have also replaced SCCM in some of our other groups. We decided to standardize on a solution for patching and device management, and Ivanti was chosen as the best product that met our needs.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Prior experience played an important role. Some of our groups had already been using the product and were able to demonstrate the benefits of it over the other potential solutions.
Would not change our process. We know the components and features we need to make our company IT successful, and we evaluate to those standards. It is a fair process and ges us to the best fit for our organization.

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDESK Management Suite) Support

For most common issues, Ivanti has good support. We also have a TSM who we can reach out to at any time when we are having issues, and they are a good resource and work well to get us answers and solutions. A number of our issues end up having to go to higher levels of support,a nd that can be hit or miss depending on the team. Also, support only available in the US at those higher levels; our AP and EMA teams are stuck with the lower levels and get delays interaction with the higher levels.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Escalation required
Why are you asking about Oracle Linux when this is an Ivanti review?
Yes - Sometimes. Some bugs are easy for them to fix and get included in the next service update. Others take some time and could be multiple releases before it is fixed. We do have a handful of issues that have been outstanding for years, they are not a priority for Ivanti as the company shifts products and vision.
We were having scanning issues, and nobody could figure out what was happening. Our TSM couldn't find a solution, and the PSE level of support was also at a loss. We finally connected with a lead developer, and he joined us for a series of calls. On some of the calls, he was writing code on the fly to help us identify where the problems were and give his team better logging to track down the issues. Much of this code ended up being introduced back into the product at a future update, and he helped us get our systems working properly again.

Using Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDESK Management Suite)

Items are logically laid out and most are easy to find. The more advanced stuff can be trickier, but it is still not hard to find. There are a lot of options though, so remembering where some settings are, especially if you do not alter them often, can take a minute, but you will get to them fairly qiickly.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Patching
  • RC
  • Initial setup
  • Provisioning
  • Query building
  • Reports