Joomla - The Leading CMS (Content Management System)
Updated December 23, 2015

Joomla - The Leading CMS (Content Management System)

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Overall Satisfaction with Joomla!

'corePHP' uses Joomla not only for our internal websites for 'corePHP' but we also build and customize our clients' websites to the demands and needs of the client. Our clients range from small to fortune 500 companies with vastly different needs. Joomla is an easy to use product for the end users as well as a powerful CMS to program in.
  • East of Use - Joomla has a very easy user interface for the backend where admins will manage their site and make updates when needed. With the latest version of Joomla you have responsive backend that makes updating your site on your mobile device easier.
  • Template Clubs - Its super easy for small companies to have professional looking templates with the latest design trends. This helps them look bigger and perform better then a cookie cutter template that you would typically see. Amazing template providers are and
  • 3rd Party extensions - With the many 3rd party developers there are a lot of products that meet the small to medium size companies needs where we would go in and modify the functionality to meet the final needs of the clients. Great companies are and MORE
  • Custom Development - When you can't find that perfect solution and you need something customize to meet your need. Joomla is very extendable and easy to build what you need. The great thing about Joomla is it is also very easy to grow your site with without the thought of abandoning the platform later. Joomla will grow with you!
  • This is from a coding view point. When modifying the code for users it is very difficult to use. Hoping in later versions this is cleaned up so it makes it easier for developers.
  • Easy to support
  • Cost less over a period of time as the client can manage their site with out coming back to the development company to make tweaks when they can do it within Joomla real easy
  • Fun to use!
There are other great products out there such as WordPress or Drupal. Each platform has its own use and they are all great.

WordPress - This product is amazing for blogging. If you want a blogging site this is the platform to use. I recommend looking into WordPress for Joomla - This product intergrates the WordPress platform into Joomla giving you that full capability of the best blogging platform. Not as easy to manage a site.

Drupal - This is amazing product for data crunching. Powerful taxonomy system. Most of the time this is overkill for many sites. But still a solid and great product.
Joomla is one of those products that can fit many aspects. What is nice out of the box you have a powerful solution for your site. Adding on to Joomla with 3rd party extensions and custom development just enhances the site. Joomla is really strong with SEO which is important for many organizations.

Using Joomla!

Joomla has a great release plan for future features and has some major players in the technology industry such as Ebay backing the project. A lot of major sites use Joomla today with massive amounts of data, highly customized functionality to very well designed templates. Joomla is one of those products that fits the bill 99% of the time when a client needs a site!

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