Joomla - a highly recommended CMS that is both free and functional!
Updated July 07, 2015

Joomla - a highly recommended CMS that is both free and functional!

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Software Version

2.5 and 3

Modules Used

  • jce
  • ck menu
  • xmap
  • Extplorer
  • hikashop
  • multisite
  • mightsite
  • breezingforms
  • acymailing

Overall Satisfaction with Joomla!

Joomla is a free CMS platform that I've used to develop websites for our clients. Joomla allows us to deploy websites faster with better solutions.
  • Joomla has tons of templates. Some free, some paid. I particularly like Joomla Bamboo templates which are responsive and highly customizable.
  • Joomla has a very strong community that will assist newbies if they have questions. There is also a database of questions, answers and solutions that can assist newbies and solving their problems.
  • Joomla has tons of modules and components. Most of the free ones are sufficient to develop to comprehensive website.
  • Joomla is capable of building a more complex website than wordpress. That said, the learning curve is slightly steeper too.
  • Joomla documentation can be better and clearer. Since the change of Joomla 1.5 to 1.6 to 1.7 to 2.5 to 3.0, the knowledgebase wiki is quite messy and sometimes confusing.
  • Joomla has a lot of hidden functions whereby changing a certain part might affect a totally different part. The link might not be obvious especially for newbies.
  • Joomla version change is quite rapid with the new direction that they are going with. After I mastered Joomla 2.5, we are now moving towards Joomla 3.0 now. The version change is sometimes unwarranted and unnecessary.
  • Using Joomla allows us to deploy sites faster which in turn keeps clients happy.
  • By using Joomla, we expect the client to be more technical. Or otherwise, they will require us to maintain the site for them which means a longer term engagement which also means more profit for us.
  • WordPress,Zencart
Wordpress vs Joomla: It depends on how complicated the site is. I will choose Joomla for better menu and article management.

Zencart vs Joomla: Zencart is primarily a shopping cart website whereas Joomla is a CMS with shopping cart capabilities. Overall, Joomla has better system for shopping cart when you add in HikaShop component.
One of the main questions I ask when choosing between Wordpress or Joomla is how complicated the menu and article structure is. For websites that have a complicated structure, I usually choose Joomla. For sites that are simple, Wordpress would be better.

Joomla Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG editor
Code quality / cleanliness
Admin section
Page templates
Library of website themes
Mobile optimization / responsive design
Publishing workflow
Form generator
Content taxonomy
SEO support
Bulk management
Availability / breadth of extensions
Community / comment management
Internationalization / multi-language
Role-based user permissions

Using Joomla!

Joomla is a free CMS that is robust and very capable of developing very distinctive websites. Modules, components, plugins all add to the excellent support that the Joomla community provides.