As a non-techy, creative type - I LOVE Keap
July 28, 2021

As a non-techy, creative type - I LOVE Keap

Samantha Bennett | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Infusionsoft by Keap

Overall Satisfaction with Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

Keap is THE critical element in all parts of my business: Marketing, Sales, Content Delivery, Administration, Reporting, Internal Systems and every other thing. You can take everything else away from me - even my website - but leave me Keap and I'll still have a business.

As a writer and Creativity/Productivity expert, I started out knowing absolutely nothing about entrepreneurship, email marketing or automation. Luckily, the Keap Team is infinitely patient, and the Keap community of users and partners are super-supportive and helpful. The whole way Keap is designed, it supports you in creating best practices - so, in many ways, it taught me how to run a business.

The main thing I love about Keap is that it gives me easy ways to stay in close touch with my existing clients. Even more importantly, it encourages me to stay in touch with former clients and prospects. Email is the perfect "light touch" communication that insures that I stay top-of-mind, without feeling pushy. Some people have been on my list for nearly 12 years - no joke - and that kind of loyalty is only built with consistency. Here's the big secret: consistency comes from automation via Keap.
  • Welcomes new prospects warmly via onboarding campaign
  • Simple, reliable eCourse delivery via content campaigns
  • Follows up on failed credit cards automatically - genius!
  • Allows me to track and tag behavior, so people are only getting information I know they are interested in. (Who knew automation could be so PERSONAL??!)
  • Allows my team to solve any admin difficulties easily, because everyone can see what's going on in a person's record, or in a given campaign.
  • Gives me a way to get creative with my sales and marketing
  • Makes me seem like I've got a MUCH bigger team than I actually do/very professional
  • Keap is almost infinitely customizable, and it is VERY powerful, and I think all that potential can overwhelm the new user. The key is to start small and simple - even little automations can make a huge difference.
  • My business is simple enough that I find Keap's reporting sufficient, but I hear from other business owners that they would like more/different reports.
  • The state-by-state, regional and municipal sales tax thing can get complicated, but I hear they are working on it.
  • I recently created a FB ads funnel with Keap that brought a 2.29 ROI. That's right - with some simple automation, I was able to more than double my money. #happyentrepreneur
  • Keap's automation has made my business SUSTAINABLE. So if I'm on vacation, or out sick, or just busy with a new project, Keap insures that I'm staying on top of everything.
  • Keap has allowed me to sell and deliver programs priced from 99 cents to $10k, fill 100+ person events, launch books, fill a retreat in Belize, deliver a podcast, create a thriving membership site and generate enough profit that I don't have to do anything else to support myself and my family.
Well, to be fair, when I started with Keap in 2009, they were the only game in town. In the intervening years, I have looked at many of Keap's competitors, and I've never found a system as robust.

But the real reason I stay with Keap is the PEOPLE. They have demonstrated over and over again that they *actually* care about me and my business. They go out of their way to be helpful and supportive. In my experience, the Keap employees and the Keap community are genuine, warm-hearted, generous and smart as hell.

When things go sideways with your technology (which, eventually, they inevitably will, no matter what platform you use - ammiright?) it's great to have the entire Keap eco-system on your side, cheering for you and helping you find solutions that work.
For me, the BEST use of Keap is when someone joins your list via your website, or maybe they just hand you their business card. It turns out that one of the ways people decide whether or not to work with you is based on how quickly you respond to their initial inquiry. Which makes perfect sense. I, too, want to work with people who are eager to work with me, and I am less interested in working with someone who waits a day or two to get back to me. (Or - as I often experience - who NEVER get back to me.) So Keap insures that my new people are welcomed warmly, onboarded appropriately and nurtured ongoingly.

After all, you never know when someone is going to be ready to buy. You just have to be consistent in your communications, so that when they ARE ready to buy, you are the first person they think of.

If you have a big, Enterprise-level business, Keap is probably not for you. It's designed pretty exclusively for the entrepreneur and small business owner, and that's what it does best.

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