The swiss army knife of data extraction
November 06, 2018

The swiss army knife of data extraction

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Overall Satisfaction with Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture provides a conduit where emails, paper documents, and files stored in folders to all be normalized and processed so that useful information can be extracted and used in business. For all the implementations I have done the information has been put into a format that back-end systems could easily process, along with the image in a TIFF or PDF format, to let a customer-initiated process be resolved and processed faster than previous manual entry operations.


  • The VRS application included with Kofax Capture is the best image pre-processing platform available on the market today. It can handle a wide array of common document problems such as skew, flipping, wrinkles, lines, and dots.
  • The platform is incredibly scriptable and can be customized to handle all sorts of unusual document contents to allow information to be extracted that many other platforms just struggle on. Table extraction, line item matching, and smart extraction are all strong points with this platform.
  • Through the use of SBL and .NET the platform can be expanded and scaled quite easily to allow for the software to be integrated into existing business processes and platforms with ease.


  • Kofax Capture's interface is antiquated and could use a refresh. An attempt was made two versions back to add ribbons and modernize the interface but anything below the first level looks and feels like a tired application.
  • Bugs that have existed in the platform for years are still prevalent and there is no priority to fix them. Features and critical bugs are regularly fixed but simple nagging ones that can cause a development project to close and lose all work is commonplace.
  • Licensing, while reasonable for lower volume solutions, becomes expensive once a project reaches a certain threshold. Ensure future planning capacity is done before purchasing to make sure it's a cost effective solution.
  • Kofax Capture is quick to install and running for small installations. When wanting to scale up, however, the product would benefit from SMEs to help implement the solution.
  • Reduced keying and faster turnaround on customer inquiries has helped reduce headcount for handling previously manual processes and reduce the amount of keying error.
  • Proper installation and maintenance of the platform is key to help prevent costly issues from cropping up in the future. Plan ahead and work with a reseller early on in the process.
Kofax Capture is a very extensible platform that is a swiss army knife for data extraction. The other platforms handle standard forms and tables well but does not allow for the customizations needed for more complex documents that Kofax Capture is able to do with ease.
If there is a desire to extract text from emails, documents, spreadsheets, and faxes this is the perfect platform for that. The only thing it does, extracting information, it does well. External information in terms of flat files, databases, and web services can be tied into the platform as well to allow line item matching, address validation, and other features that make it just an overall great ingestion system.


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