Power your office with Power PDF, great value
June 18, 2021

Power your office with Power PDF, great value

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Overall Satisfaction with Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance)

Currently, I am the only user of Power PDF in our organization. I use PDFs on a daily basis, I often need to convert word docs to PDF or vice versa. I was in need of a strong PDF creator with a lot of features but Adobe is so expensive. We are a small company and I didn't want to invest in such an expensive product. I started looking for alternatives and Power PDF was one that caught my eye. After exploring the options and doing a free trial I found that it had all the features that I need. I purchased the product at a much lower price than Adobe and yet got everything I needed in a single product.
  • One of the most amazing things Power PDF does is create fillable forms. I had created a form in a word doc, but it was very difficult to use because word forms are not great. Out of curiosity I converted it into Power PDF and it was amazing how Power PDF recognized all of the form fields and created a PDF fillable form so quickly and easily.
  • Often, I need to convert a PDF into Word or Excel so that I can work with the data. Power PDF is very effective. Some formatting is required afterwards, but that's the same with all conversion products.
  • Almost on a daily basis I need to convert Word docs into PDFs. Power PDF does this very effectively and quickly and easily. The formatting stays perfect.
  • Although I don't use them very much, there are many other options such as stamps and the ability to make notes on the document.
  • I like the option of having an electronic signature that you can insert in a document.
  • One of the only negatives is I find the menu difficult to use. The menu items aren't organized ideally and sometimes I have trouble finding the feature that I want if it's something that I don't use very often.
  • I wish the help menu had a little more information when I have questions about using Power PDF.
  • I wish the document sorter would allow you to drag and drop pages rather than click on them and choose from a menu.
  • This product saves me a lot of time because it's so simple to convert documents to PDF.
  • This product is good for the bottom line because it's significantly cheaper than the Adobe option which has very similar features.
  • Product saves me a lot of frustration because I use PDF conversion so often and this one is just so easy to implement.
Overall I think Power PDF is easy to use. I use this product on nearly a daily basis, most often to convert Word documents to PDFs prior to sending them out to clients. This is very simple to do which I love. I do have a problem sending the PDF as an attachment because it doesn't recognize my email, it always wants to send it to Outlook, but this is not enough of a downside for me to drop this product. As I also mentioned I wish the menu was a little more intuitive, I often forget where less used features are. But nonetheless it's such a great value that I think highly of this product and do recommend it.
I've mentioned many of the features and how much I have enjoyed using Power PDF. Prior to using this product I have used Adobe and they do have an amazing product as well. I think their menus are set up a little easier and of course they have a widespread reputation. However they have become very very expensive and they require that you pay annual subscription fees to use their product. For this reason I selected Power PDF and don't regret it.
I really don't have any thing to say about the support from the people at Power PDF because I've never reached out to them for anything. I purchased the product online and installed it over the internet and I have access their help files just for small questions but have not had the need to contact them directly. So I have no feedback on how their support is.

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Of course this product works as a great PDF reader which I use almost on a daily basis. But the true value of this product is in its ability to convert documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other formats into PDF as well as convert documents back into those formats. This can be so amazingly helpful. This product also has some really awesome form creator features. It makes creating a new form for your business so simple and quick. Something I've always struggled with in the past. The features are very robust considering that it is priced so much lower than Adobe. The thing that really sold me on this product was being able to pay a single price and on the product forever rather than having to keep paying annual subscription fees to Adobe.
Power PDF is useful for anybody who deals with PDFs in any industry. I already recommended it to my colleagues and hope to roll it out across the company. Right now each employees choosing their own product, but it's nice to have a consistent product across the organization. Power PDF is a good choice because of the full features combined with a truly excellent price. The other thing that some will consider a benefit and some not, is that you do not have to pay annual subscription fees. You just purchase the product and you own it forever. The downside of that is you're not getting ongoing upgrades or updates. For me I don't mind because it has the features that I need right now and I feel like I can use this product for many years without needing to upgrade. But I know some people might prefer to have that ongoing enhancement.