Kofax, the PDF Editor you simply must have.
June 18, 2021

Kofax, the PDF Editor you simply must have.

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Power PDF Standard for Mac

Overall Satisfaction with Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance)

Kofax Power PDF is being used by my law practice as a legal tool to edit, fill, and create new PDFs. It parallels with Adobe, but has greater user friendly tools. One of my favorite uses for this product is the "Fill" option. It quickly recognizes what areas of a PDF are fillable. Once the fill option has been selected, you are quickly able to tab through each section and fill in information for each section available.
  • Fill section for PDFs. This recognizes portions of the PDF that you want a client to fill out and you are able to fill in their information quickly without having to "edit" the pdf such as in Adobe.
  • Kofax Power PDF is cross compatible and works for both Mac and Windows. You can edit PDFs created across all platforms.
  • Kofax Power PDF provides the same options and more as what Adobe provides, from highlight to creating searchable pdf documents.
  • Areas to improve upon are the recognition of multiple lines in a row under the forms filler option. If there are 3 lines, one below the next, the filler recognition only recognizes one large section to fill and does not allow you to fill each individual line.
  • Making a pdf searchable has some work to do, as it does not always convert the searchable pdf to the same format as the original document.
  • When the forms fillable option is selected, it is a great option to be able to fill the portion with something you have previously filled a section with (recognizes previously typed items and works to simplify things by automatically filling that box). However, if you are wanting to enter something different from what the box automatically fills with, or want to enter something that is similar to what was previously entered without the entire thing being filled (such as previously typed Client A, Civil Litigation, when you want to type Client A, Contracts), the fill option will populate the original entry and you are forced to go back and edit to your desired entry most of the time.
  • Cost savings - One time cost and you own the program.
  • Time savings-the form filler option saves so much time and fills portions (such as the client's name, date of birth, etc.), that you are constantly entering time and time again.
  • Negative impact has only been that if the form filler does not recognize multiple lines in a row, you are going to have to go back through and edit/enter the information after you recognize the form filler is not going work for a single section.
My experience is that Power PDF is very easy to use. My experience is that it has been cheap, a one-time fee without a monthly subscription, and is easily transferrable from my Mac through to my Windows Parallels platforms. I can save pdfs and open them on any platform. Power PDF allows me to save time by quickly filling sections with a fillable option that recognizes prior filled portions.
Kofax Power PDF stacks up to Adobe Reader by offering the same options as Adobe does. Power PDF is as compatible as Adobe on all platforms, and offers many of the same options. Power PDF provides for a signature option, a typewriter option, a highlight option, and many of the other options typically used on Adobe. The great part about Power PDF is that you can fill sections that have a line by using the forms tab and form typer section.
I originally purchased the wrong Kofax product. I purchased the Mac version and it did not have all the options I was looking for. I wanted to purchase the Windows version and run on my Parallels. I requested a refund so I could exchange the product and Kofax immediately issued me a refund without requiring that I purchase the Windows version in exchange. Obviously, I purchased the Windows version based on this pleasant interaction before I even had the opportunity to use the product.

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The product feature that has been most valuable to me is the form typer option. This option is not available on Adobe. It allows you to go through the pdf document and fill lines that require an entry. It saves so much time by allowing you to tab through each section. It recognizes similar entries previously entered and makes an attempt to fill the entry for you. This option also recognizes check boxes that you can simply click and move on. No need to edit the pdf, it automatically recognizes the fillable entries for you.
Kofax Power PDF is well suited for small offices and for those members of the office who take some time to go through and learn about all the options is provides. It is a one time purchase and a monthly subscription is not necessary. It does take a bit of work to go through and learn each individual tool, but that is the case with any program an office is going to implement.