It works fine
Updated July 16, 2021

It works fine

Bonnie Greene | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Power PDF Advanced

Overall Satisfaction with Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance)

I am the only user in this two-person organization. I view PDFs. I add footers, page numbers, exhibit number stamps, and custom stamps to scanned documents. I redact sensitive documents. I export PDFs to Word for editing (results are not always as expected, but I'm still impressed with the degree of accuracy).
  • Stamps.
  • Headers and footers.
  • Exports to other file formats.
  • Comment boxes.
  • Optical character recognition when exporting to Word has room for improvement.
  • I'd like to be able to choose the starting number when using footers to number pages (for instance, when I isolate pages 17 through 30 of a document, I'd like to number the first page as 17).
  • I often receive by email documents that clients signed and then photographed on their phones. No one ever uses enough light, so the paper appears gray in the photo and often has a shadow of the phone itself. I'd like to be able to adjust the contrast so that the paper appears white while the text is still black and highly legible.
  • I am unable to translate software use to economic advantage.
It is easy to use. I am still discovering features after 2 years of use.
Nuance was already in use when I was hired. It has features that the free product Adobe Reader does not. I don't know what features the paid version of Adobe has.
I have never called for support and cannot rate it.

Do you think Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance) delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance)'s feature set?


Did Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance) live up to sales and marketing promises?

I wasn't involved with the selection/purchase process

Did implementation of Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance) go as expected?

I wasn't involved with the implementation phase

Would you buy Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance) again?


Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
Stamps and headers/footers.
Many documents are slow to print with Kofax Power PDF (though faster than with Nuance), but print quickly in Adobe Reader.

Using Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance)

1 - Legal Assistant
No in-house support. We have a favorite IT contractor who can help if needed.
  • Preparing legal pleadings for electronic filing
  • Creating exhibits by adding exhibit number stamps and headers/footers to documents
  • Adding page numbers to a PDF where someone forgot to add them in the document's native format
  • Redact sensitive information from documents
  • Zoom in on a PDF and use screen capture to get a JPG or PNG of part of the document
  • Extract pages from a billing record for emailing to the client who pertains to just those pages
  • Use highlight areas colored white to block out portions of a document
  • I may find uses for the callout function.
  • I may find uses for the Align and Measure functions.
It's priced lower than the version of Adobe Acrobat that has a similar feature set.

Evaluating Kofax Power PDF and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
I was not in the organization when the decision was made. However, I am certain that my predecessor wanted certain product features, and chose the lowest priced product that had those features and also had good reviews.
More online reviews are available now than were several years ago. I would start with the reviews.

Kofax Power PDF Implementation

Sorry, I have none. I answered "10" above because the product works, but I was not present for the implementation of it.
Not sure - I don't know what "organizational change management" means. This law practice has had one attorney and one legal assistant for 20 years or longer. Only the person holding the legal assistant role has changed.
  • I was not part of the organization when it implemented Nuance and cannot give a helpful answer to this question.

Kofax Power PDF Training

  • in-person training
I got an overview of the product from my predecessor who was about to retire from the job I now hold. He did not go into very many of the features and probably only knew about the ones he used most frequently.

Configuring Kofax Power PDF

I do not understand this question. I don't remember ever configuring the product.
I do not understand this question. I don't remember ever configuring the product.
No - there is no facility to customize the interface
No - the product does not support adding custom code
I do not understand this question. I don't remember ever configuring the product.

Kofax Power PDF Support

We do not have premium support. Most likely, that is a cost saving decision. I was not part of the decision.
I'd like to specify that my reason for selecting "neutral" for all parts of the previous question is that I have never called the product vendor for support.
I have never contacted Kofax for support.

Using Kofax Power PDF

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Reordering and deleting pages
  • Applying stamps
  • Layers (for instance, when I apply two stamps, I cannot get the one I applied first to appear in front of the other one. It is always behind.)
It does most things I want from it. I'd like to be able to put page numbers in a footer and choose the number from which page numbering begins (i.e., the first page of the PDF is numbered as page 93 of the document), or skip numbering the first few pages and begin with page number 1 on, for instance, the fifth page of the PDF.

Also, something odd happens when I upload documents to the Colorado Courts E-filing System. Stamps appear oversized, upside down and backwards. I can prevent this by using the Flatten File command. It's just weird that this extra step, which cannot be undone, is necessary.

Kofax Power PDF Reliability

Scalability is irrelevant in our 2-person organization. The owner intends that it should remain just two people.
For the product to crash or not run when launched is extremely rare.
Pages nearly always load at the expected rapid speed. Some documents that print quickly from Adobe Reader print much more slowly from Power PDF. I have never generated a report - that's a feature I didn't know existed until now and do not know what it's for.

Integrating Kofax Power PDF

  • PaperPort
I don't know if this even counts as integration. I process scanned documents with PaperPort, save them in the appropriate folders, then if necessary I edit them in Power PDF.

Relationship with Kofax

It was an online purchase, which went smoothly. No contact since then.
It was an online purchase, which went smoothly. I've made no attempt to work with the vendor since then.
It was an online purchase, which went smoothly. No negotiation took place.
Make it clear that someone exists to deal with. When we updated from Nuance to Kofax, I had no idea that a human being was involved in the sale - it looked like an entirely automated transaction.

Upgrading Kofax Power PDF

Yes - Our IT contractor spent 45 minutes. I had to reimport our custom stamps.
  • It works properly with Kofax PaperPort.
  • Incidents of custom stamps appearing upside down, backwards and oversized on documents uploaded to the Colorado Courts E-Filing System are fewer than with the Nuance product.
  • Greater flexibility with page numbering in footers.
  • Layers.