Linode - An Old Monk In The Cloud Industry
March 15, 2021

Linode - An Old Monk In The Cloud Industry

Praneeth Karnena | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

We are a small start-up. Hence cost matters to us a lot. Our primary requirement is to cut costs as much as possible. Hence we mostly used open-source technologies and implemented everything by ourselves. We are running everything on a single server. We did a test run on major cloud providers like AWS and GCP. Linode's price-to-performance ratio is much higher than both AWS & GCP. Also, as seen on the internet portals, folks at Linode are pure geeks and tech enthusiasts. They have built everything from the ground up. We loved that as geeks ourselves and our journey with Linode started.
  • Price-to-performance
  • Cost effective
  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Making the dashboard UI cleaner and simpler
  • Launching different and diverse services
  • Launching intranet-based security features
  • More granular control over user management
  • On a technical perspective, it is positive, 190% approx.
There are giants in the cloud industry like AWS and GCP, which most businesses and corporations prefer. They offer a wide range of services. Hence they are preferred. And they offer enterprise support. They offer full control over user management, security and permissions. They have a vast range of services, their control panels are fully loaded and not very intuitive and easy to use.

Linode lacks in these aspects. Coming to the price-to-performance ratio, Linode beats all of them most of the times. Linode offers superior performance at a much lesser price. That is their main USP. Though Linode does not offer a wide range of services like AWS and GCP, Linode's control panel is simple and is very intuitive.
While Linode does offer support, it is purely US-centric. The response is not very swift as well. Global customers from India, Europe and other Asian countries have a tough time reaching phone support.

Due to the timezone variations, if something goes badly wrong, then the user has to suffer grave losses. There's a whole room for improvement in the support.

But on the other hand, Linode's support personnel are very personal and geeky. They can do wonders and can fix things in a snap. You can rarely find this combination in other cloud providers.
The only reason we picked up Linode is due to its cost-effectiveness. Linode provides superior performance while being highly cost-effective.

Their price-to-performance ratio is much higher than other cloud providers in the market. And they offer a bundled pricing, which is easier to understand and calculate. Yes, they do not offer enterprise support, but they do offer good free support. They also have multiple data centres located around the globe. This helps is tailoring content, while adhering to local laws.
Reliability plays a significant role and builds the trust factor for every business. Businesses should be reliable in order to thrive. And they should have the technical expertise and infrastructure to be reliable.

Linode is reliable and they offer good uptime.

There are times when Linode let users down. There are a series of DDoS attacks on Linode's infrastructure in the past. They do not have DDoS mitigation back then. Well, they say experience is the best teacher. Linode has greatly learnt from those bad experiences and thrived. They have implemented superior attack-mitigation technology and is now fully redundant and reliable.

Linode is particularly well suited for start-ups. Also, for geeks and open-source developers. Linode is highly cost-effective. If you just floated a small company and looking to optimize costs, and have a bunch of geeks, then Linode is pure love for you! You get full control over the server and can build everything you can dream of.

On the other side of things, Linode does not provide a lot of services like other cloud providers like AWS and GCP. So, if you are a large business or a corporation, Linode might not always be the best fit for you. Linode lacks core services like Managed Databases, Firewalls, CDN, App Platforms and more.