Khoros ROCKS!
Bill Gerth | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 04, 2014

Khoros ROCKS!

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Overall Satisfaction with Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)

Comcast recognized the value of engaging with customers through social media early on and became an industry leader in the social environment. However, Comcast had no scalable, efficient solution that enabled employees to connect with customers. It was difficult to understand how many resources were needed to support customer demand for social engagement. Khoros’s solution has provided the scalable and seamless agent to agent and agent to customer workflow we required. Comcast has been using Khoros for all social care engagement for a year and, through our robust social care scorecard, are now using social data to drive change in the organization. Among our core social care metrics are In Channel Resolution rate – resolving the customer’s issue immediately in the initial social channel – and Escalation Rate – forwarding the customer to another team for resolution. Effective management of these business objectives requires clean, easily accessible data. With this specific, reliable data we made effective changes in our team management to consistently meet those objectives and have begun to develop scaled forecasting models. This means more in-channel solutions for richer content and increased peer-peer and self-service opportunities. Comcast also utilizes the voice of the customer feature within Khoros, achieving 100% customer satisfaction month after month.
  • The Khoros tool enabled us to quickly identify opportunities to create a better customer experience. Within three months the changes were made and scores increased significantly. The top two KPIs are in-channel resolution and tickets being escalated.
  • In order for Comcast to provide superior social media customer service while maintaining a single message, it was necessary for the company to develop a singular, seamless workflow. The Khoros product has been integrated at the corporate and divisional levels for care, marketing, communications, and sales to allow customers to have a top-quality in-channel experience. Khoros has also helped us understand inbound volumes as we work to develop a true operational social care model which includes forecasting, service level management, and staffing requirements. Within five months of launching Khoros, we were able to justify a 30% increase in staffing through the use of clear and concise operational reporting. In a most recent case study, Comcast brought on 10 additional agents to support customers during the winter Olympics as social volume was expected to increase as much as 40% in a short three week period. Comcast has a complex organizational structure with Care resources deployed geographically by division. Each division assigned several resources to assist the corporate Digital Media Outreach (DMO) team by handling geographically specific questions and concerns. Khoros allowed DMO to seamlessly re-queue work to our additional support teams. As a result, we eliminated thousands of out-of-channel escalations by enabling the front line employee’s best equipped to handle these contacts to do so immediately. Our marketing team also used the publisher feature to provide great Olympic content through the duration of the event.
  • To be honest, they have done everything I have ever asked for plus more. Their employees and staff listen to requests and adjust features to the industry needs. If anything, I would ask that they integrate more into the Khoros community and other smaller channels, such as Instagram and Reddit.
  • The DMO team is challenged to provide at least a 25% in-channel resolution rate and no greater than a 10% ticket escalation. Khoros provides that opportunity to assist my agents to accomplish these goals.
  • Khoros has also assisted us greatly with our social selling initiative. Using Khoros my team was able to provide a full life cycle of the customer including new acquisition, retention, service, and care concerns.
We just renewed our contracted with Khoros and committed to a two-year agreement instead of a one-year agreement. This speaks to the confidence we have in the product and the employees who create the feature enhancements. This is one of the few companies that allows engineers or management teams to speak right to the customer without going through their sales rep or company contact. The innovation that comes out of this group is nothing short of amazing. We had a special project that we needed to have completed for the SOCHI Olympics and sure enough, Khoros was up for the task. They created an early warning system that is now being used throughout the company. I am extremely happy with the product and firmly believe you would be too if you gave them a chance. They truly understand multiple setups and business needs and functions.
Every year I ask for a demo of some leading vendors who provide customer workflows through social media. This is how I ensure Comcast is using the best console available. Khoros offers a think customer-first mentality solution. It’s an effective workflow that provides seamless customer interaction. Their engineers have also been fantastic with integration into some legacy KB systems on our side as well as creating new solutions with integrating into our CRM. Since our Community forums are also powered by Khoros, they are one of the few vendors who can integrate Khoros into our community.
Khoros was launched as a cross-functional solution for organizations to engage properly with customers. Currently, we have four organizations using Khoros for proper customer engagement and seamless customer interaction.